Tooltip in Power BI - new functionality for Desktop

In the middle of March, another came out. update Power BI Desktop . Microsoft added a couple of interesting features, including the ability for users to create tooltips themselves.
In this article I will show a simple example of working with this functional.
data set. "Financial Sample" and created several visual elements.
Pie Chart: Profit by Discount Band (Profit by Discount Group)
Tooltip in Power BI - new functionality for Desktop
Ring diagram: Units Sold by Segment. (Sold units sold by Segments)

Linear graph: Profit by month

Next, I create a new report page. On the right sidebar of Visualizations on the Format tab, select the Page information tab and turn on the tooltip.
Also here you can immediately specify the name of the page (Name). On it I then will find a hint in the settings of visuals.

Now the "Page size" tab, I change the size type to "Tooltip". The canvas will be very small in size and the visual element will be placed on the whole page.

Now I will build a visual. Describe how to create a visual element, which will be my tooltip I will not. The picture is completely understandable. Visual can be collected any you want.

Now, you need to bind the hint to the column from the table list. The hint works through an anchored box or measure. This means that a hint will appear if you use this field in the charts in the report. The generated tooltip will be used instead of the default Power BI tooltip.
To do this, I dragged the "Profit" column into the "Tooltip fields" field in the "Filters" panel.
Go to the main page of the report and move the cursor to the pie chart.

The tooltip displays a visual element from the hint page filtered by Discount Band - Medium.
When you hover over other areas of the chart, the visual prompts will be filtered to fit the region.
The standard "tooltip" will be used on the "Units sold by segment" chart, as before, because the field "Profit" was not used to build this visual object.

On the linear chart, the behavior of the hint is somewhat different.
On the X axis, I made dates in categories with a depression to the level of the "Month" display (
On the Y axis, I used the "Profit" field.

The hint also appears, as in the previous charts, when you hover over the chart area.
But in case you add a field to the Legend, for example, "Country"

and move the cursor to the area of ​​the graph, we will notice exactly the same pop-up hint.

The reason is that, the field in the legend does not pass through the filter in the tooltip.
When you want to use a custom tooltip on a line chart, you'll see a hint for all the lines in the chart. The hint will only change when moving along the axis with dates.
There is another way to associate a tooltip with visual objects.
Again, go to the help page, select the visual element and remove the "Profit" field from the "Tooltips fields" filter.

Now, on all graphs, the tooltip returns to its normal state.
For example, the pie chart:

But there is a way in manual mode to select a tooltip from the ones created earlier.
I'll select a pie chart. On the "Tooltip" tab, you can select from the list which page with prompts to display for the pie chart. In my case, there is only a "hint profit" page.

Now, by hovering the cursor over the pie chart, we can again see the generated pop-up hint.
Similarly, I can assign this hint to the "Units sold by segment" chart and get the same hint.

That is, it is not necessary to include in the visual element of the report, the field specified in the tooltip filter is sufficient to specify the page on which it is built.
If you do not need any created hints, you can completely disable them in the chart settings using the switch in the "Tooltip" field. This will cause the chart to use the default Power BI tooltip, even if the report has appropriate prompts.

These tips are useful when you want to show data in different forms, as a table or bar chart, or as a KPI card. You can not overload the report canvas with unnecessary visuals, but simply create several additional ones in the form of prompts, displaying them when you hover over specific elements of the report.
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