The history of one automation project, or how to implement a mixed accounting of fixed assets with a single tool

To us in the company the customer, before which there was a task of inventory of OS has addressed. It would seem that it can be simpler: we take any mobile device on Android, fill it with DataMobile Invent software, we cling to "1C: Accounting 3.0" and voila, the problem is solved! But, as is usually the case, the query "we just need to count and unload into the register" pulled out other nuances of inventory. About how it was, I'll tell you more about this article.
The history of one automation project, or how to implement a mixed accounting of fixed assets with a single tool , phoned, talked. Pairs of letters were enough to understand that our product DataMobile Invent is suitable ...
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"Tutor: mathematics" to prepare for the exam and VPR - from the idea to the release. Story about the unique educational project

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System crafting in the "Damned Lands"

System crafting in the "Damned Lands"
Recently, much attention has been paid to system gameplay . Despite the fact that the system games have existed for a long time, today there is a lot of deliberate discussions about the games creating emergent gameplay , allowing players to experiment with rules and mechanics. In many such games there is a crafting system, and although it seems that for crafting, it would also be natural to develop systemically, for some reason this did not happen.
Basically, crafting is the direct exchange of a certain set of resources to a specific object. The specific implementation of this exchange ...
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How we did the Olympiad in SQL

How we did the Olympiad in SQL At the very beginning of autumn of 201? the management tasked me with preparing the technical part of the SQL Olympiad. Having discussed the situation with colleagues, including former ones, I was pinned (cliche?) In an article where in the declarative style on SQL the problem of building the shortest exit from the labyrinth was solved. Gathering a part of the request into one heap and running it on a real database, I whispered "magic! " and realized that there was an olympiad.
I think that the typical reader of Khabra at the Olympics has been at least once, but rather in the role of a participant, not an organizer...
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There are three ways to update the query in Jira from ScriptRunner, using the Jira Java API

There are three ways to update the query in Jira from ScriptRunner, using the Jira Java APIIn this article, we'll look at three ways to update a query in Jira using the Jira Java API.
I will use the following Jira Java API methods:
Issue.setCustomFieldValue (CustomField customField, Object value)
CustomField.updateValue (FieldLayoutItem fieldLayoutItem, Issue issue, ModifiedValue modifiedValue, IssueChangeHolder issueChangeHolder)
IssueService.update (ApplicationUser user, IssueService.UpdateValidationResult updateValidationResult)
Examples of scripts will be provided to update all types of custom fields available in Jira from the "box", with a table that shows the differences ...
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Training with reinforcements has never worked

Training with reinforcements has never worked TL; DR: Training with reinforcement (RL) has always been difficult. Do not worry if the standard techniques of in-depth training do not work.
In article by Alex Irpan many modern problems of deep RL are well described. But most of them are not new - they always existed. In fact, these are the fundamental problems underlying the RL since its inception.
In this article I hope to bring to you two thoughts:
Most of the shortcomings described by Alex are reduced to the two main problems of RL.
Neural networks help to solve only a small part of the problems, while creating ...
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We are developing the game on SVG + React. Part 1

TL; DR: in these series you will learn how to get React and Redux to manage SVG elements to create a game. The knowledge gained in this series will allow you to create animations not only for games. You can find the final version of the source code developed in this part by GitHub .
We are developing the game on SVG + React. Part 1
here ( , The link died - the translator's comment is ). But do not get carried away by the game, you have work!
Preliminary conditions
To successfully read the article, you need to have a certain level of knowledge about web development (mainly about jаvascript) and a computer with pre-installed ...
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Obtaining the command parameters from the human phrase

Although I and managed to figure out with the classification of intent, there remained a more complicated task - to extract additional parameters from the phrase. I know that this is done with the help of tags. Once I have successfully used sequence_tagging , but I'm not very happy that you need to keep a dictionary of vector representations of words larger than 6 gigabytes.
example of implementation of the tagger on Keras and, in the best traditions of his experiments...
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Webpack 4 and code splitting

February 2? 2018 released the release of webpack ??? (and to date, ???). One of the useful and relatively new features webpack - code splitting , transferred to the new version of the plug-ins into the main configuration. With almost no documentation, how now it is necessary to configure code splitting in version 4 - I was a little shocked, but still tried to gather information in order to start working with the new version at least. I hope that after a while there will be extensive tutorials and articles. In the meantime, I hasten to make notes on the information found, so as not to lose ...
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CSS selectors and their application in software testing automation

CSS selectors and their application in software testing automationAll good!
This topic we have already revealed on the webinar, which was conducted by our teacher, but decided to add a little text (and many, as it turned out, so it is more convenient). In general, we present an article on the topic "CSS selectors" , which is Pavel Popov worked out within the framework of our course "Automation in testing" .
Each course or article for novice automatons talks about a convenient and universal means of searching for elements of a Web page, like XPath. This type of locator per element was created in 1999 to point to elements in XML ...
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