A graduate student solved the problem of confirming quantum computing

Urmila Mahadev spent eight years in the master's program in search of an answer to one of the most basic questions of quantum computing: how do we know that the quantum computer did at least something at the quantum level?

A graduate student solved the problem of confirming quantum computing  
In the spring of 201? Urmila Mahadev was in a good position, in terms of the majority of graduate students. She has just solved the most important problem of quantum computing - the field of computer studies, deriving its capabilities from the strange laws of quantum physics. Together with her earlier works, Mahadev’s new result describing the so-called “Blind computation,” ...[/h]
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What can the storage system - or old songs about the main thing

What can the storage system - or old songs about the main thing 3r33737. 3r3-31. A couple of days ago, my colleagues called me with a question - the old disk shelf is completely dying (they are still old IBM), what should I do? There are no disks, there is no support, there is no money 3r35353. name is Oleg 3r3-3554. 3r33737.  3r33737. 3r33737.  3r33737. What to buy, where to run, how to continue to live? 3r33737.  3r33737. On Habré, apart from the absence of the “insert table” button and mixing (after merging with GT) into one heap of philosophy, politics, school cosmonautics and autumn aggravation, there is also an almost complete absence of fresh articles ...
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Data Caching - Java Spring

Data Caching - Java Spring 3r? 3534. 3r3-31. Repeating the same data many times, the question of optimization arises, the data does not change or rarely change, these are different reference books and other information, i.e. the function of obtaining data by key is deterministic. There probably everyone understands - you need a cache! Why do you need to re-search for data or calculation every time? 3r33520.  3r? 3534. So here I will show how to do a cache in Java Spring and since it is closely connected, most likely with the Database, then how to do it in a DBMS using the example of one particular. 3r33520.  3r? 3534. ...
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Honey, we kill free text content

 3r3304. 3r3-31. Honey, we kill free text content 3r3105. 3r33939.  3r3304. It all started about five years ago, when AdBlock and its various forks appeared on the market. Then he was the lot of a handful of "elite", but information about the wonderful blocker of vile advertising was spread through the fields and villages at the speed of a forest fire, and with the help of this same handful of elite. And at some point, the use of ad blockers has become ubiquitous: any more or less flittered user began rolling AdBlock or its variations on all possible browsers and devices. The next step is blockers for mobile devices. 3r33939.  3r3304...
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Programmable valve arrays: how they will help networks 5G

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Transformation of development and delivery processes for legacy applications

 3r3666. 3r3-31. 3r3654. Our team is responsible for the operation and development of a large corporate product.
 3r3666. In early 201? having rested from a major introduction and re-reading "lessons learned", we firmly decided to revise the process of developing and delivering our application. We were worried about the low speed and quality of delivery, not allowing us to provide the level of service that our customers expect from us. 3r33655.
 3r3666. 3r3654. It was time to move from words to deeds - to change processes. 3r33655.
 3r3666. 3r3654. This article will briefly explain what we started ...
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Acquaintance with “Audiomania”: 15 thematic materials about production, design, offices and business

We invite everyone who wants to get acquainted with the company "Audiomania" - its history, production, employees and audio brands that we are engaged under.
Acquaintance with “Audiomania”: 15 thematic materials about production, design, offices and business 3r311.
3r33130. In the photo: our Shop on m. Elektrozavodskaya
3r3161. How does our office and themed showrooms 3r3162.
3r3338. Photo tour of the office "Audiomania": the first part 3r32555. . We invite you to take a walk around the company office: look at our cinema halls and the big showroom. Let's tell about the design features of each of the rooms. For example, in one of our cinema halls the Dolby Atmos system is ...
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Antimony - CAD from a parallel world

Among three-dimensional CAD systems, programs that implement two basic design approaches are most known: direct modeling and parametric. 3r3197.  3r3204. 3r3197.  3r3204. In addition, there are procedural CAD systems that allow modeling through programming. This approach has gained recognition among fans of programming and device design with open source code and design. For example, well-known OpenSCAD, which is mentioned here more than once. 3r3197.  3r3204. 3r3197.  3r3204. I propose to look at another unusual CAD system called Antimony. 3r3197.  3r3204. 3r3197.  3r3204. Antimony - CAD from a parallel world ...
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“BIAN Reference Model” for the banking industry or how to stop reinventing the wheel

“BIAN Reference Model” for the banking industry or how to stop reinventing the wheel 3r33333. 3r3-31.
3r33333. Since I noticed that you, Caesar, have already built a lot and are continuing to build, I have developed certain rules so that you yourself can assess the quality of both existing and future buildings. 3r33354. 3r33350.  3r33333. 3r33350.  3r33333. Vitruvius, architect of the Roman Empire
link . Also during the translation, I will allow myself to deviate from the original and give my comments where I deem it necessary. 3r33350.  3r33333.
3r33350.  3r33333. [h2] 1. Introduction to BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) 3-333246. 3r33350.  3r33333. 3r33352. Banking ...[/h]
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The second retrocomputer badge from Hackaday

 3r3168. 3r3-31. The second retrocomputer badge from Hackaday  3r3168.
 3r3168. The positive experience of using retrocomputer badges at a conference in Belgrade in May (news 3-3337) on Habré 3r3153. And . The new model of the gadget is even more interesting. 3r311.
 3r3168. It comes with a strap that allows you to wear it as a badge, is included in the cost of attending the conference, and leaves behind the eighties desktops in performance. In the original, the link to the ticket purchase page is given twice at the beginning of the article and once at the end is it an SEO trick? - I will bring her ...
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