We shoot in the foot, processing the input data

 3r3662. 3r3-31. 3r3640.
We shoot in the foot, processing the input data  3r3662. The link of today's article is different from the usual. This is not one project for which the source code was analyzed, but a series of positives of the same diagnostic rule in several different projects. What is the interest here? The fact that some of the considered code fragments contain errors that are reproduced during the work with the application, while others contain vulnerabilities (CVE). In addition, at the end of the article we discuss a bit about security defects.
 3r3662. 3r311. 3r3650.
 3r3662. 3r3618. A brief introduction to r3r3619.
 3r3662. All errors ...
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SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework

What is SAFe? 3r33112.
What is Agile, many people know. An even greater number of people involved in IT use terminology. Even more who heard about Agile. 3r3144.
Not everyone who confidently uses the term Agile for communication, criticism, for that; in order to present your team or company in the best light, for example, what is the difference between SCRUM and Agile; and often put an equal sign between these two different concepts. But not so long ago in 201? SAFe also appeared. What is it and why is it needed? 3r3144. 3r314. 3r3143.
One of the important advantages and disadvantages of ...
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Using QML Map to Build Airways - Part 1

I have been using QML for a long time for building graphical interfaces, but I have the opportunity to work in a real project from 3r334. Qt Location API
and QML Map, so far, was not.
Therefore, it became interesting to try this component to build airways.
Under the cut, a description of the implementation of the editor, for creating similar trajectories on the map:
To simplify the implementation, our planes fly in a 2D plane at the same height.
The speed and permissible overload are fixed - 920 km /h and 3g, which gives a turning radius of 3r-325.
Using QML Map to Build Airways - Part 1
The t...
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Looking for a hi-tech gift for a child? Think of a playground, not an arena

3r3-31. Are you looking for a new hi-tech gift for your child for the holidays? All this variety will easily turn the head. Sparkling boxes, colorful applications and pretty plastic robots promise to improve learning outcomes if your child plays with this, this and this. 3r3146.  
You are likely to believe this. Perhaps, if your baby is playing with a robot, she will learn how to program. Maybe if a child plays computer games or this application, it will develop reading and writing skills or mathematical skills. 3r3146.  
Looking for a hi-tech gift for a child? Think of a playground, not an arena ...
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Moder attracted AI to improve textures in games

Moder attracted AI to improve textures in games Artificial intelligence (of course, its weak form) allows you to automate the solution of a huge number of tasks and, in general, simplify human life. Most different branches of science and technology are already using technology based on artificial intelligence. The game industry also works with AI, in particular, to improve the “intelligence” of the NPC and the laws of the game universe.
But AI can also be used to optimize graphics. Cases are known when technologies helped to restore an old, almost spoiled photo or to update some old film recorded on a damaged film. But there is another possibility - the ...
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ECMAScript Modules in Node.js: New Plan

The current status of support for ECMAScript modules (ESM) in Node.js is
3r3333317. Experimental support for ESM was added in r3r311. Node.js ???
September 1? 2017.
3r3333317. After that, the Technical Steering Committee of Node.js formed a team responsible for the modules (3r3166. Modules Team
) To help design the missing parts for the upcoming (non-experimental) release. This team consists of people from different branches of web development (frontend, backend, JS engines, etc.).
In October, the Modules Team published 3r3308. "Implementation Plan ...
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Eight audio technologies and audio gadgets that will get into the TECnology hall of fame in 2019

Fourteen years ago, the organizers of the TEC Awards - awards for achievements in the field of audio technology - established the Hall of Fame TECnology. The first to include such inventions as the Edison cylinder and the gramophone. Since then, the list is updated annually.
Representatives of the award already announced "New" in 2019. Among them - a modular synthesizer Moog and anechoic chamber. About what makes these things special, we will tell in the material.
3r314. Eight audio technologies and audio gadgets that will get into the TECnology hall of fame in 2019 3r3333317.
3r33333. Photo ...
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How much does Review in AppStore

How much does Review in AppStore 
3r3-31. There are no tutorials or announcements on Avito. About it do not write on Habré (already write?). A review of your application, although it could be unfair, was clearly incorruptible. Or so it seemed to you? 3r3141.  
If you follow your competitors, or, God forbid, you invest your strength in another horoscope application, then you are faced with direct violations of your competitors hydraulics. And their applications, by the way, are updated! I will tell you what I know. 3r3141.  
3r3138. 3r3141.  
I'm sure some developer who released another free calculator was in despair when he saw ...
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How to make payment for services more convenient: IaaS provider experience

One of the important issues when working with the services of an IaaS provider is the convenience of payment. From the first day of the start of our project, we tried to simplify the process of making payments using bank cards and continue to improve this mechanism. Today we decided to talk about where we started and share our experiences.
How to make payment for services more convenient: IaaS provider experience 3r311.
/Flickr /3r317. Muhammad Ashiq
/ CC BY-SA 3r3104.

Background question

We are in 1cloud We have been providing ...[/h]
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Destructive exceptions

 3r3615. 3r3-31.
Once again about why it is bad to throw exceptions in destructors 3r33597. 3r3-3598.  3r3615. 3r3600. Many C ++ experts (for example, 3r337. Sutter's coat of arms
) Teach us that throwing exceptions in destructors is bad, because you can get into the destructor during stack promotion with an exception already thrown, and if at that moment another exception is thrown, the result will be called r3r3591. std :: terminate ()
. The standard of the C ++ 17 language (hereinafter I refer to the freely accessible version of the draft ...
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