We invite you to MiniAiCup # 2. This time, we spoiled AgarIO

We invite you to MiniAiCup # 2. This time, we spoiled AgarIO
For six years in a row we (Mail.Ru Group) together with SSU have been conducting Russian Ai Cup (competition for writing game bots). We come up with a game world, write an API to it, and bump the strategies written by the participants. It turns out every time is quite interesting, original and in general it is the largest annual contest in the CIS in the CIS!
Under the same sauce, we wrote, launched and held the first contest in the autumn of 2017 at another site, MiniAiCups , turned out to be a mini-clone Russian Ai Cup with its strange atmosphere, rules ...
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What else do we check with Selenium, except for the logic of the

What else do we check with Selenium, except for the logic of theinterface.Hello, Habr!  My name is Vitaliy Kotov, I work in the testing department of Badoo. Most of the time I work with Selenium. This wonderful tool we use to solve a variety of tasks: from testing the functionality to simplifying the work with error logs and verifying the interaction with the API.  About what tasks Selenium helps us to solve, and this article will be discussed. Go! :)   execute . It allows you to execute JS-code on the page as if the user opened the browser console and executed the code in it. But then we could miss some of the mistakes.  The fact is that you can execute this ...
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We write heavenly bees on Cloud Haskell

We write heavenly bees on Cloud Haskell  
Hello, Habr!
Only 11577635 seconds have passed since the end of the autumn school GoTo in ITMO. The week of Distributed Systems began with the prototyping of a distributed system on Cloud Haskell. We started cheerfully and therefore quickly found out that the existing documentation without PhD is difficult to understand - and decided to write a methodology.
Under the cut, the introduction to p2p cloud haskell, a slightly functional stack of RS prototyping, motivation and "but why".
libp2p !! And he will be right. Partially.
libp2p solves the transport ...
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Listen! 50 best podcasts for

Listen! 50 best podcasts fordevelopers.Develop, learn about technologies and stay abreast of the latest approaches - IT is especially important. Reading a book is not always convenient, watching video reviews do not like everything and takes a lot of time.  Keep 50 IT podcasts about technological innovations in the field of information security, cloud technology, IoT, testing and project management. All podcasts in English, for listening you need to know it at the level of the upper intermediate and higher.     Data Breach-Today  @DataBreachToday   The team Data Breach Today - part of the Information Security in Media Group, Corp...
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Use Reflection.Emit to precompile expressions in MSIL

Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " " Using Reflection.Emit to Precompile Expressions to MSIL "By Steve Marsh.


The classes in this project allow you to analyze the textual expressions entered by the user, and compile them into the .NET assembly. This assembly can be run "on the fly" or stored in the DLL. Pre-compilation of expressions allows to provide a high level of portability and allows very effectively evaluate the user input logic. In addition, we can use the ildasm.exe tool from Microsoft to open and verify the generated base ...[/h]
.NET / C#
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[в закладки]JS-developer tools, which should pay attention to

[в закладки]JS-developer tools, which should pay attention toProgrammer Travis Fisher, whose translation of the article we publish today, decided to tell about the most useful, from his point of view, modules and auxiliary tools for JS-development. He considers useful technologies, which he uses constantly and in the value of which he was convinced by his own experience. In particular, it will be about libraries and utilities designed for server and client development in jаvascript. Travis says he did not try to include something highly specialized in his material, or to do something like the next awesome-list , which in themselves are very ...
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Digital events in Moscow from 19 to 25 March

A selection of key events in Moscow for the week
Digital events in Moscow from 19 to 25 March
Ferrein Talks. Technologies VS Business (Sergey Solonin)
20 March (Tuesday)
Bolshaya Polyanka, 65 /74c1
300 r.
Sergei Solonin - co-founder and head of Qiwi. Let's talk about how difficult it is to collect 1000 people, it would seem, in a very progressive society of Moscow; how to unite the common interests of existing participants; how to involve participants and co-participants in the promo project.
Mental health staff: trends and opportunities
21 March (Wednesday)
free of...
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About the probability

About the probability
(3r3r3? source
Sometimes I have to tell other people how machine learning works and, in particular, neural networks. Usually, I start with gradient descent and linear regression, gradually moving to multilayer perceptrons, auto-coders and convolutional networks. Everybody shakes their heads knowingly, but at some point someone sagacious always asks:
And why is it so important that the variables in the linear regression be independent?
And why are convoluted networks used for images, rather than the usual full-connected ones?
"Oh, it's easy," I want to answer. "Because if the variables were dependent...
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Annual Report on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure for 2017

Annual Report on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure for 2017Hello, Habr. We would like to present to you a short version of the annual report on cyber and infusions for 201? written by us together with the main partner - Wallarm , who provided information on the most visible vulnerabilities and hacking.
In 201? Qrator Labs and Wallarm noted a growing diversification of threats due to the increasing number of possible attack vectors. The range of critical vulnerabilities of the modern global network is so wide that attackers can choose from various ways of creating problems for almost any organization. And an increasing number of tools can work ...
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Why the characters

Why the charactersHello!
We start tomorrow the course "Designing the UX /UI" , which is a bit exciting, because the second is not quite a program course, and even radically different from the same first (Digital Marketing). In general, we are waiting for the start and the first feedback from our students, but for now the next favorite material from our teachers about the characters.
Briefly: Characters are a handy tool for performing UX tasks. Why do they often not help? Find out what pitfalls prevent the characters from being useful, and how to avoid them.
Characters - my hobby. I conduct ...
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