Go Community in Kazan and our meetings

3r3-31. Go Community in Kazan and our meetings  
3r33400. December ? 201? first conducted Kazan Go community mitap
January 3 of next year is scheduled to be held 3r33337. the next
. 3r3013.
3r33400. In this article I will talk a little about the newly created community, our plans, the last mitap, and also the program of the upcoming meeting. 3r3013. Golang Peter - Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Golang Novosibirsk - Novosibirsk, Russia.
3r33400. It so happened that I do not live in any of these cities and it’s not quite convenient to travel to mitapes in them. Search ...
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Why the glucose meter from Alphabet hasn't taken off

Silicon Valley harnessed to a complex biological project, and did not export 3–3–35.
Why the glucose meter from Alphabet hasn't taken off  
They had the resources of two large companies, the best experts in biology and electrical engineering. And yet, researchers from Alphabet and Novartis Could not create accurate glucose sensor in contact lenses.
CTO Brian Otis, working in Verily , a scientific division of the holding Alphabet, announced at The company's blog that the companies decided to “freeze” the project of creating a glucose ...
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Kiev - "Games Gathering 2018" Why did I go there?

3r3-31. Kiev - "Games Gathering 2018" Why did I go there?  
Every year in the world there are many major gaming events. Sometimes this is an exhibition dedicated to large AAA projects and new cool titles, more suitable for game journalists. It can also be an exhibition dedicated to ray tracing technologies and other "chips", under one roof and with a large number of participants.
If you need this format, feel free to pass by. Of the cool titles was Metro, a huge lineup and closed box, the rest of the exhibition about something else.
3r3133. So what is the event, and most importantly, what did I forget there? 3r3141.
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Christmas card from Mars. The ESA showed a large accumulation of ice on the surface of the red planet

Christmas card from Mars. The ESA showed a large accumulation of ice on the surface of the red planet Maybe you have already seen? Ice in the desert. This is not a photoshop and not a natural anomaly. These are new shots of water ice in the Korolev crater on Mars, just published by the ESA. They were made by the Mars Express satellite launched by the European Space Agency in 2003. The object weighing 666 kg has been rotating around the planet for 15 years, having repeatedly justified its cost of $ 345 million (by the way, it is two times cheaper than similar US satellites).
3r376.  3r388.
Recently, this "old man" made his most impressive pictures. The ESA publishes them in honor of the upcoming Christmas...
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Why is the web so complicated?

Why is the web so complicated?Discussion year results in the frontend suddenly became the subject of discussion . I will add my opinion, and I will be glad to hear the opinion of others.
It seems to me that it makes sense to talk about the fact that what is happening in the modern web is perceived outside and inside completely differently. Yes, and "inside" has several levels. Looking "again they complicate layout" on the one hand is absolutely correct, but on the other - wrong and flawed, but the look "do not stop us from building abstractions" is also ineffective.
When someone complains that the modern web ...
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Intensive by Kubernetes: on the work of support

 3r3149. 3r3-31. 3r3133. On February 1-? Slurm-3 will be held, intensively by Kubernetes. Announcement and program here.
3r3-33132.  3r3149. 3r3133. Today I will tell you a little about the internal kitchen: how we help students cope with the practice and what comes of it. At the same time, future participants will understand what to expect from support.
3r3-33132.  3r3149. 3r3133. Intensive by Kubernetes: on the work of support 3r3-33132.  3r3149. 3r3133. I myself go through paid courses 2-3 times a year, always take options with practice, and very rarely finish it. For me, the situation looks as if I ordered a kilogram of steak in a restaurant: ...
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Jira DataCenter - what is it? How does it work? How to deploy?

Jira DataCenter - what is it? How does it work? How to deploy? 3r? 3531. 3r3-31. 3r? 3510. Introduction 3r33511. 3r33518.  3r? 3531. With the spread of the Agile philosophy, Russian IT specialists are gaining more and more expertise and competence in customizing and managing products for development teams, the most popular of which is still Jira. However, working with the highest, most productive and highly available version of it - the Jira Data Center - still raises a lot of questions. In this post I will talk about some of the principles and mechanisms of the Jira DataCenter, which we apply in practice. I'll start with a story about the Jira cluster structure...
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We shoot in the foot, processing the input data

 3r3662. 3r3-31. 3r3640.
We shoot in the foot, processing the input data  3r3662. The link of today's article is different from the usual. This is not one project for which the source code was analyzed, but a series of positives of the same diagnostic rule in several different projects. What is the interest here? The fact that some of the considered code fragments contain errors that are reproduced during the work with the application, while others contain vulnerabilities (CVE). In addition, at the end of the article we discuss a bit about security defects.
 3r3662. 3r311. 3r3650.
 3r3662. 3r3618. A brief introduction to r3r3619.
 3r3662. All errors ...
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SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework

What is SAFe? 3r33112.
What is Agile, many people know. An even greater number of people involved in IT use terminology. Even more who heard about Agile. 3r3144.
Not everyone who confidently uses the term Agile for communication, criticism, for that; in order to present your team or company in the best light, for example, what is the difference between SCRUM and Agile; and often put an equal sign between these two different concepts. But not so long ago in 201? SAFe also appeared. What is it and why is it needed? 3r3144. 3r314. 3r3143.
One of the important advantages and disadvantages of ...
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Using QML Map to Build Airways - Part 1

I have been using QML for a long time for building graphical interfaces, but I have the opportunity to work in a real project from 3r334. Qt Location API
and QML Map, so far, was not.
Therefore, it became interesting to try this component to build airways.
Under the cut, a description of the implementation of the editor, for creating similar trajectories on the map:
To simplify the implementation, our planes fly in a 2D plane at the same height.
The speed and permissible overload are fixed - 920 km /h and 3g, which gives a turning radius of 3r-325.
Using QML Map to Build Airways - Part 1
The t...
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