Sort "Tower of Hanoi"

Sort "Tower of Hanoi" 3r33412.
 3r33411. 3r33232.
Tower of Hanoi
 3r33411. About the famous game of Edward Luke on Habré did not write just lazy . It seems that all covers have been torn off and it is already impossible to add something else about the algorithm. But no, this topic has more hidden resources. Today, in particular, we will remake the algorithm for solving this puzzle into a complete sorting. (Why? Just for fun. On Friday, you can.) Mrrl
 3r33411. 3r3307. Difficulty 3r3308.
 3r33411. In the worst case, the sorting tends to time complexity ...
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The success of immunotherapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

 3r3113. 3r3-31. The success of immunotherapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis The world's first clinical trial of new cellular immunotherapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) improved the symptoms and quality of life of most patients.
3r3-300.  3r3113. The treatment targets Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and is based on a hypothesis formulated by a researcher at the University of Queensland and Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) 3r311. Professor Michael Pender
. 3r3-300.  3r3113. 3r3-300.  3r3113. In 200? Professor Pender suggested that MS is due to the accumulation of EBV-infected cells in the brain and that EBV-targeted therapy can stop the progression ...
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We solve the crackme from Kaspersky Lab

One day, different channels in Telegram started throwing link on crack poker from LC, 3r3-3101. Successfully completed the task will be invited for an interview! 3r3102. . After such a loud statement, I wondered how difficult the reverse would be. How I solved this task can be read under the cut (many pictures). 3r3202.  
When I got home, I carefully read the assignment again, downloaded the archive, and began to watch what was inside. And inside was this:
We solve the crackme from Kaspersky Lab 3r3202.  
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Phase antenna center (FCA) and its search in Ansys HFSS

Phase antenna center (FCA) and its search in Ansys HFSSWhen calculating the high-frequency technique with the use of mirror reflecting systems (parabolic mirrors), there is always the problem of searching for the phase center of the antenna (FCA), since proper operation of the mirror is possible only if the focus is on an antenna (called the feed, feeder, feedhorn) which has a phase wave front in the form of a sphere, and the center of this sphere is in the focus of the mirror. With any deviations, both the shape of the phase front from the sphere, and the displacement of the FCA from the focus of the mirror - the efficiency of the mirror system falls...
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NB-IoT: how does it work? Part 2

3r33177. Last time we talked about the features of the new standard NB-IoT in terms of the radio access network architecture. Today, we reflect on what has changed in the core network (Core Network) with NB-IoT. So let's go. 3r3197.  
3r3178. 3r3197.  
NB-IoT: how does it work? Part 2 3r3197.  
There have been significant changes in the network core. Let's start with the fact that a new element has appeared, as well as a number of mechanisms that are defined by the standard as “CIoT EPS Optimization” or optimization of the core network for the cellular Internet of things. 3r3197.  
As you know, in mobile networks there ...
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Zen and the art of maintaining clean code

3r3-31. Zen and the art of maintaining clean code 3r3187.  
Hi, Habr! 3r3187.  
Talk about 3r311. clean code
You can endlessly, but the next article by Dave Nicoletta is very metaphorical and, we hope, really worthy of translation. Let it be a little “edifying”, as the author pre-informs the readers in the original article. 3r3187.  
Enjoy reading. 3r3187.  
Over the years, our habit has become a bad habit. Having used any tool, we now and then forgot to put it in its place. The next time he needed someone, he had to spend more time searching for a tool than to solve a problem that had arisen. The saddest ...
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What's new in GoLand 2018.3

3r3-31. 3r33590. Hi, Habr! 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. Last week a new version of GoLand 2018.3 was released. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
What's new in GoLand 2018.3 3r33588.  
3r33590. In this update you will find many improvements for debugging and testing: 3r33535.  
These are debugging applications on the Google App Engine platform, Testify framework, memory dump analysis and Mozilla rr. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. There is a new 3r33555. Change Signature
refactoring, code inspection, and autocompletion for functions. 3r3-3591. 3r33588.  
3r33590. In addition, we added support for charts, improved 3r33555. Rename 3r33556...
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Trends in programming languages ​​2019

2018 will be remembered for us by discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, jumps in Bitcoin and the development of the blockchain. What awaits us in the new year?
 3r33380. Trends in programming languages ​​2019
 3r33380. Automation absorbs the industry entirely. There are more and more new technologies, but we should not forget about programming languages ​​and algorithms that are the basis.
 3r33380. In this article we will look at the present and future of programming languages ​​that will allow developers to become key players in the IT services market and make the digital world ...
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Beekeepers are against microcontrollers or about the benefits of

Beekeepers are against microcontrollers or about the benefits oferrors. One of the most conservative types of human activity is beekeeping! Since the invention of the frame hive and the honey extractor ~ 200 years ago, progress has touched this area only marginally. This was reflected in the electrification of some processes of pumping (extraction) of honey and the use of winter heating of hives. Meanwhile, the bee population in the world is greatly reduced - due to climate change, the widespread use of chemistry in agriculture and the fact that we still do not know what the bees want? Mine disappeared for the first reason, and this greatly changed the original concept ...
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