Do you really need entrust or laravel-permission to implement your authorization?

3r3-31. “So I need a simple authorization. Any admin role, and can be an editor /moderator. Now google. ABOUT! For laravel there are already ready packages! 3r3141. zizaco /entrust [/b] , 3r3141. spatie /laravel-permission [/b] other! Let's pick one! ”3r3157.  
That's how it happens. Then the migration of the package adds 5 plates to the database to store the roles, permissions and their relationships. All authorization rules, such as roles 3r3141. 'admin' [/b] and 3r3141. 'editor' [/b] can do 3r3141. 'edit posts' [/b] are stored in these tables. Typically, a project has many copies of the database...
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Unity: loosely coupled architecture for specific tasks

Everyone knows about the charms of loosely coupled application architecture. Everyone knows, but not everyone does. This happens for various reasons: laziness, timing, ignorance of how to properly apply, etc. I offer for review a small example of a loosely coupled architecture used to solve a specific problem.
Let's start with the task itself.
It is given: a player who moves around the level and collects coins.
Purpose: to display the current amount of coins in the player in the game interface.


We omit the implementation of the selection of coins, the storage ...[/h]
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Neurotic Bikes: Genesis

Neurotic Bikes: GenesisThe other day, Youtube thought it would seem interesting to me a video called “AI Learns to play Hill Climb Racing”. It's funny, because a couple of minutes before that, I committed another change to the project, where my colleagues and I, in the breaks between work and work, solve exactly this problem. There is no “AI” in that video , however, it was not revealed - the author entertained the public with pampering with Box2D and calmed down on that. Nevertheless, I propose to consider this fact convincing evidence of the relevance of the topic and disassemble the structure of our rattles...
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Mail Design Cup 2018 - Competition for interface designers

The time has come (downloads) for awesome pictures on Mail Design Cup . Together with our new friends, the piecakes from the Skillbox, we are launching the seventh season of the main domestic competition for interface designers (and those who want to be, and not to seem).
Mail Design Cup 2018 - Competition for interface designers  
Again, a brilliant jury: Sergey Popkov (AIC), Lena Anikeeva (Pixies), Georgy Kvasnikov (Fantasy), Maxim Pavlov (Notamedia) and Yuri Vetrov (Mail.Ru Group). Again, good loot: MacBook Pro 15 "and 13", iPad Pro with a proprietary pencil. Again, cool tasks and sleepless nights. again...
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The oldest IT manufacturer in Europe conquers Habr: Bull opens its blog

The oldest IT manufacturer in Europe conquers Habr: Bull opens its blog  
Bonjour, Habr!
Bull is the oldest IT company in Europe, and since 201? Atos is a technology brand that supplies hardware and software to more than 50 countries around the world.
Atos was founded in 1997. The main development was due to mergers and acquisitions. Acquisitions include French hardware manufacturer Bull, SchlumbergerSema, ΙΤ-consulting divisions of Siemens (Unify) and KPMG, IT-outsourcing division of Xerox.
The Bull company is named after the talented engineer Fredrik Rosing Bulle, who invented the prototype of a modern computer - the “combined sorter-recorder-tabulator punch card”.
In Russ...
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Ways to use the blockchain turned somewhere not there. Sony has announced the creation of a DRM system based on a

Ways to use the blockchain turned somewhere not there. Sony has announced the creation of a DRM system based on ablock chain. 3r3-31. When the blockchain just started its way "to the masses", evangelical technology told us that it brings only positive changes to the world. The clarity, immutability and transparency of the blockchain as a transactional platform presented the technical community an excellent opportunity to change the world for the better. However, as time went on, developers and companies began to more and more actively look for options for applying the chain of blocks. After bitcoin and the Altcoin boom, smart contracts for business and insurance appeared on the scene, private blockchains appeared that ...
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We invite you to hackathon JETHACK

We invite you to hackathon JETHACK  3r3105.
 3r3105. Friends, we invite everyone to the JETHACK hackath, which will be held on October 20-21. It will be necessary to solve the problem by the ratio of the point cloud of the specified 3D model so that the output will be a program that will allow you to look for inconsistencies between the architectural plan and the finished object.
 3r3105. To participate in the hackathon, you need to assemble a team of 2-4 people. If you think that you can solve the problem yourself, you can register without a command There are no restrictions on programming languages! We'll be coding the whole ...
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TypeScript magic school: generics and

TypeScript magic school: generics andtype extensions. 3r33430. 3r3-31. The author of the article, the translation of which we are publishing today, says that TypeScript is simply amazing. When he first started using TS, he terribly liked the freedom that is inherent in this language. The more power a programmer puts into his work with TS-specific mechanisms, the more significant are the benefits he receives. Then he used type annotations only periodically. Sometimes he used the code auto-completion capabilities and compiler hints, but mostly relied only on his own vision of the problems he was solving. 3r3155.  3r33430. 3r3155.  3r33430. Over time...
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Russia is developing an analogue DMCA

Apparently, negotiations Yandex with Gazprom-media and other rightholders gave the result. Search engines are forced to submit. In Russia, they will develop new amendments to the legislation, according to which search engines will be obliged to remove pirated links from issuing 3-3336. in pretrial [/b] at the request of the rights holders, reported Vedomosti. 3r3342.  
Other norms of the bill are still unknown. There is a possibility that search engines will oblige to show sites with legal content in a priority order, and for refusing to delete links to sites with pirated content ...
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JavaScript timers: all you need to know

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