Yealink Meeting Server - a ready-made solution for video conferencing

Yealink Meeting Server - a ready-made solution for video conferencing In the early articles on software VCS-servers, I described various solutions for video conferencing based on software products of domestic development. Today's article is dedicated to the YeSonic software server from Yealink - Yealink Meeting Server (YMS). A distinctive feature of this solution is seamless integration with the hardware terminals of the VCS of this manufacturer.
Recent years Yealink codecs are actively competing in their market segment with products from Polycom, Cisco and other large vendors. But the replacement was only on the client side, as Yealink did not have its own VCS server, and to ...
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About memory leak in one server application

About memory leak in one server application  
After reading this note, you will find out what you went through after the unexpected leak of memory of the server application in the FreeBSD OS. What modern means of detecting such problems exist in this environment and why the most powerful of them can be completely useless in the crooked hands .
roll the updates , when it will take in head and, in addition, restart the machine. A couple of months ago, so many services collapsed on a neighboring project.
someone is conducting a targeted network attack causing an overflow;
MeltdownSpectre. Yes! Yes, of course. I do not ...
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Protection against DDoS attack at the level of Web applications

Protection against DDoS attack at the level of Web applicationsAs you know, DDoS attacks on the site are of different intensity, the number of hosts participating in the attack, the number of network packets and the amount of data transferred is important. In the most severe cases, the attack can be repelled only by using specialized equipment and services.
If the attack volume is less than the bandwidth of the network equipment and the server's processing capacity (server pool) serving the site, you can try to "drown out" the attack without resorting to third-party services, namely, to include a software traffic filter coming to the site. This filter will ...
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The book "With ++ 17 STL. Standard Template Library »

The book "With ++ 17 STL. Standard Template Library » The book describes the work with containers, algorithms, auxiliary classes, lambda expressions and other interesting tools that modern C ++ is rich in. Having mastered the material, you can fundamentally revise the familiar approach to programming. The advantage of publishing is in the detailed description of the standard C ++ template library, STL. Its latest version was released in 2017. In the book you will find more than 90 maximally realistic examples that demonstrate the full power of STL. Many of them will become the basic bricks for solving more universal tasks. Armed with this book, you can effectively ...
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Block all the Internet, or a monkey with a grenade

Block all the Internet, or a monkey with a grenade
Today, something that has long been warned about happened. ILV blocked a decent part of the global network and Runet in particular, including Yandex, VK, Odnoklassnikov and TamTam at the same time. Facebook and Google also did not stay away.
This happened on April 26 at 21:06 UTC , or about midnight in Moscow. A total of were blocked. more than a hundred IP addresses various popular sites.
???.1 (time server on MSK-IX)
???.74, mir2...
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More than the state: US foreign debt

This article aims to continue the discussion started by Article "More than the State: British East India Trade Company" and is a personal opinion of the author.

Viva Las Vegas

More than the state: US foreign debt  
For many it is obvious that playing with a casino is unprofitable. Based on the rules established there and having little idea about the probability theory, it becomes clear that with a sufficiently large number of attempts, the average value of the win will be close to the mathematical expectation of the win. The advantage of the casino in European roulette (with one "zero") is 1 - 36/37 = 2.7%, which for the player ...[/h]
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White box of Pandora

White box of PandoraWhen discussing testing, most speakers talk about the peculiarities of the approach known as the "black box". But here we will talk about the opposite scenario - a "white box" that allows you to formulate questions to the code, understanding its internal structure.

The article is based on the interpretation of the report by Nikita Makarov (Odnoklassniki) from our December conference Heisenbug 2017 Moscow.
The source code for the example is [/i]
ArchUnit allows in the form of a more or less problem-oriented language to describe the formal ...
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Victor Gamov about Apache Kafka on

April 2? 2018 in the Moscow office of the company CRIC the meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers was held. , at which Viktor Gamow made a speech. The theme of the performance is product Apache Kafka .
Victor Gamov about Apache Kafka on


About the speaker

Victor is a co-founder and leader of podcast Analysis of flights . At he came forward for the third time. Previous performances were 13 November 2014 (about the project ...[/h]
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Bobaos - KNX TP /UART, Raspberry Pi and Apple HomeKit

Bobaos - KNX TP /UART, Raspberry Pi and Apple HomeKit  
In this publication I'll show you how to configure and run homebridge from the ground up (the implementation of HomeKit Accessory Protocol on nodejs) on the basis of Raspberry Pi, Weinzierl KNX BAOS 838 module kBerry and bobaos.
BAOS 838 kBerry .
Raspbian with installed: nodejs, npm (in my case raspbian stretch lite, nodejs 8 version).
Let's go
We configure the serial port
For Raspberry Pi 3:
sudo sh -c "echo dtoverlay = pi3-miniuart-bt /boot/config.txt"
From the file /boot/cmdline.txt, remove the entry
console = ttyAMA?115200
Add the user to the ...
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Mega-Tutorial Flask, Part XXI: User Notices

(edition 2018)
Miguel Grinberg
Mega-Tutorial Flask, Part XXI: User Notices There
This is the twenty-first part of the Mega-Tutorial Flask, in which I will add the function of private messages, as well as notifications to users who appear in the navigation bar without having to refresh the page.

Chapter 1: Hello world!


Chapter 2: Patterns


Chapter 3: Web Forms


Chapter 4: Database


Chapter 5: User Logins


Chapter 6: Profile page and avatars


Chapter ..
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