How to scale down databases in Yandex. Cloud without downtime. An example with three hosts is

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How Homo Sapiens conquered the world. Communication and negotiation skills

People have the biggest brain, and in the process of evolution they were able to develop more skills. Learned to make fire and grow food. But the most important skill that distinguished us from other animals and allowed us to force out other species and to rise to the top of evolution was thinking and communication.

How it all began

It all started with the world in which we live. There are many theories of the creation of the world.
One of these theories suggests that the Lord God in 7 days created all life on earth
How Homo Sapiens conquered the world. Communication and negotiation skills ...[/h]
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And who is in your gang?

 3r3659. 3r3-31. It so happened that in the companies where I worked, I loved all sorts of tests from the arsenal of HR. All - and managers, and ordinary performers, chased through these tests.
 3r3659. Tests, as a rule, determined the type of personality in relation to professional activity - what a person is most inclined to, what is easy for him, what activity makes him tense, and what is better not to take at all.
 3r3659. To our surprise, we found that different tests reveal approximately the same tendencies. If one test showed that a person, for example, the soul of a company...
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Donald Knut: “Our elders played tennis, we were balls. They beat us, it hurt. "(1?12 /97)

 3r? 3516. 3r3-31. We continue to publish a translation of a series of autobiographical stories by Donald Knut. 3r33410.  3r? 3516. 3r33410.  3r? 3516. 3r3408. 11. Manage the basketball team 3r3409. 3r33410.  3r? 3516. Donald Knut: “Our elders played tennis, we were balls. They beat us, it hurt. "(1?12 /97) 3r33410.  3r? 3516. 3r33410.  3r? 3516. As I recall, that year I tried this for the first time, and I don’t remember exactly how long the experiment was going on, but they called it the Section of Honor, and this meant that 20 of us would just go to class, while other students would attend classes apart. I doubt that other students spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday just like us...
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Comparing NPM vs Yarn speed

A long time ago, an analogue of npm appeared, Yarn is another client for managing npm packages, which was positioned as a super fast Facebook brand to replace npm.
If you are working on a large project, then the package recovery time is an important factor in the speed of development and the build project of ci.
It was decided to check whether to use Yarn as a replacement for Npm. since there are a lot of packages on weak build agents, recovery can take up to 2 minutes.
Comparing NPM vs Yarn speed
So, the test script is quite simple:
- Parallel launch of two[npm i и yarn inatall]restorations. from the same packages.json.
3r330. Co...[/npm]
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Advanced multi-stage build templates

 3r33338. 3r3-31. 3r3333317. Advanced multi-stage build templates
3r33333.  3r33338. 3r3333317. The multistage assembly feature in Dockerfile files allows you to create small images of containers with a higher level of caching and a smaller amount of protection. In this article, I’ll show several advanced templates — something more than copying files between build and execute steps. They allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the function. However, if you are a beginner in the area of ​​multi-stage assembly, then first, probably, it will not be superfluous to read r3r38. 3r3325 usage guide .
3r33333.  3r33338.
Compatible versions ...
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Optimization of relational databases without downtime on the example of the most loaded database in Badoo

3r3-31. Optimization of relational databases without downtime on the example of the most loaded database in Badoo 3r33333.  
Under highload conditions, the complexity of optimizing relational databases increases by an order of magnitude, since buying even more powerful hardware is expensive and it is no longer possible just to turn off the application at night for a long DB alter process and data migration. 3r33333.  
We recently told how we are optimized the PHP code of our application . Now came the turn of the article about how we completely changed the internal structure of the most loaded and important database in Badoo, without losing a single query. 3r33333.  
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The story of one experiment with Cython and C ++ vector

 3r33424. 3r3-31. 3r33333. One
warm r3r3255. on a cold winter evening, I wanted to warm up in the office and test the theory of one colleague that the C ++ vector could cope with the task faster than the CPython list. 3r33232.  3r33424. In the company we are developing products based on Django and it so happened that it was necessary to process one large array of dictionaries. A colleague suggested that the implementation in C ++ would be much faster, but I had the feeling that Guido and the community were probably a little steeper than us in C and probably already decided and avoided all the pitfalls...
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Saving data from a Linux partition

 3r3118. 3r3-31. Hello! 3r3105.  3r3118. I recently launched one toy in wine on my laptop with Kubuntu ???r3r3105.  3r3118. Everything was stuck and a file system error appeared on restart. 3r3105.  3r3118. There were important data on the laptop, so you need to get it somehow. 3r3105.  3r3118. Welcome under the cut! 3r3105.  3r3118.
3r3105.  3r3118. What comes first to mind? 3r3105.  3r3118. We have 2 ways to solve the problem:
 3r3118. 1. Try to repair the FS and get a working OS
 3r3118. 2. Copy the data and carry Linux
 3r3118. I chose option ? but I will tell about 1 too)
 3r3118. Restore ...
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 [Пятничное]ASCII graffiti on retro monitors and other surfaces

3r3-31. If a person who likes pixel art is old, then a person who understands ASCII aesthetics is a superstar! Of course, this is a joke, and the age is most likely irrelevant. My son, for example, likes to play ASCII games that I make. At least he says so.
However, in order to perceive some things, such as the composition of the three canvases in the picture below, you need to have experience interacting with a certain software and hardware.
 [Пятничное]ASCII graffiti on retro monitors and other surfaces
Under the cut you will see many ASCII tracks on monitors of ancient computers and terminals, as well as on other surfaces, for example, on a postage stamp...
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