Go yourself on or the rules of communication in the team

 3r3176. 3r3-31.
Post-response to article https://habr.com/post/432700/3r315. 3r3164. 3r3161.  3r3176.
If I followed the advice from this article, it would be enough for me to show emotion and tell the author "Go yourself on you don't understand anything!". :)
3r3161.  3r3176.
However, this would not help to convey my point. So let's take a closer look. 3r3164. 3r314. 3r3161.  3r3176. 3r318. Quotation 1:
3r3161.  3r3176. 3r3105. If a person is incompetent, it is necessary to give him a clear understanding of this, and not to take care of his tender feelings to the detriment of everything ...
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Functional thinking. Part 6

3r33630. We continue our series of articles on functional F # programming. Today we will talk about the associativity and composition of functions, as well as compare the composition and the pipeline. Look under the cat!
3r33535.  3r33655. 3r33630. Functional thinking. Part 6 3r33535.  3r33655. 3r3599.  3r33655. 3r3618.
The first part is 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
The second part is 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
Third part 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
3r3338. Fourth part 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
The fifth part is 3r3647.

3r33535.  3r33655. 3r33548. Associativity and composition of functions 3r33549. 3r33535.  3r33655...
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Quintet instead of

Quintet instead ofbyte.A quintet is a way to record atomic data fragments with an indication of their role in our life. Quintets can describe any data, each of which contains comprehensive information about themselves and about the links with other quintets. It represents subject terms, regardless of the platform used. Its task is to simplify data storage and improve the visibility of their presentation. 3r33360.  3r33360.   3r33360.  3r33360.  IT-specialists for generations are accustomed to think in terms of computer architecture, laid down at the end of the first half of the last century. This has led to a tremendous ...
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Why I do not believe microbench marks

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As we under the guise of a single UX research, we conducted another

3r3-31. As we under the guise of a single UX research, we conducted another  
In the course of creating the game, expanding the functionality and game activities, it became clear that the buttons took up almost half of the screen. It was necessary to change it: reduce and regroup. But before embarking on the implementation I wanted to make sure that the buttons would not turn out to be too small, that it was convenient to get into them and, on the whole, we would not break anything.
The first thought is to throw in empty buttons and let people click on them in shallows. During the game, people are focused entirely on the other, and if you focus their attention ...
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We write trading robots using the StockSharp graphic framework. Part 2

We write trading robots using the StockSharp graphic framework. Part 2 3r33942. 3r3393955.  3r33965. 3r3393955.  3r33965. We continue to talk about creating trading robots using the platform. StockSharp . In The first material it was about creating a project and drawing the main elements of the trading system. In the final material of the cycle, we will deal directly with the implementation of a trading strategy.
3r3393955.  3r33965. 3r3393955.  3r33965.

Creating a panel of portfolios

3r3393955.  3r33965. By analogy with the toolbar, create a log panel. To do this, add another UserControl to the XAML folder. Give it the name PortfolioGridControl...[/h]
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Pocket OLAP in Javascript and IndexedDB performance

Hello, Habr! 3r33333.  
Recently, I decided to test jаvascript performance using the example of creating a simple WEB application that can build pivot tables using weakly structured data as a source. I did not intend to repeat all the functionality of Excel or adult OLAP systems, but I wanted to test the performance of jаvascript in general and IndexedDB in particular on various desktop and mobile browsers. Looking ahead, I’m saying that having completed the first stage of the work - building a pivot table with a single-pass algorithm for storing facts (indexing frequently used sections ...
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Bleeding someone else's accounts has become a criminal offense in South Korea

 3r366. 3r3-31. Bleeding someone else's accounts has become a criminal offense in South Korea  3r366.
 3r366. A few months ago, the South Korean government acted with the initiative to make pumping (boosting) other people's accounts a criminal offense. Officials offered to fine violators for $ 1?000 and put them in jail. Now this bill passed r3r346. and he entered into force.
 3r366. According to industry experts, three factors exert a negative influence on eSports and the whole sphere of online games: various kinds of cheats, third-party game servers and professional boosters. In South Korea, they decided to take the protection of their gaming industry seriously.

 3r366. No...
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Creating high-performance organizations: The strategic importance of collaboration software

 3r33983. 3r3-31. Douglas K. Engelbart
 3r33983. Institute for System Self-Regulation
 3r33983. June 1992 (AUGMENT, 132811) 3r3393970.  3r33983.
 3r33983. 3r3828. 3r380.
 3r33983. 3r33867. Summary
 3r33983. Movement to the high-performance organizations of tomorrow will be associated with large-scale changes in their productive infrastructures. Making these changes is an extremely complex task that requires a strategic approach. The collaborative software will provide important new special knowledge capabilities in these infrastructures and may play a key role in the development strategy.
 3r33983. 3r...
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Frankie Zapata for The Verge: “Turbojet fuel will help melt reinforced concrete skepticism”

Frankie Zapata for The Verge: “Turbojet fuel will help melt reinforced concrete skepticism”(We analyze the marketing articles of the Frenchman Frankie Zapata. There is dust in the eyes and many useful things.) 3r-3263.  
15 April 201 6
This week, one of the most talked about things is a weird video of a person who seems to have a real hoverboard equipped with a jet engine. The video was published by Zapata Racing, which released water versions of these aircraft for several years. The difference is that they have always been tied to some kind of personal watercraft. This new Flyboard Air, as CEO Frankie Zapata calls it, is something completely different.
On Monday...
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