Hackers attacked Poloniex users using a fake mobile application

Hackers attacked Poloniex users using a fake mobile application  
Users of one of the largest crypto-exchange exchanges Poloniex have become the target of a phishing attack. Attackers used a mobile application, disguised as an official exchange resource, but used solely to steal data. Poloniex still does not have its own mobile application, which the criminals decided to use.
Analyst company ESET Lucas Stefanko found A new application under the brand Poloniex on Google Play at the end of March. An interesting fact - initially the program did not commit malicious acts, but only redirected users to the site of the exchange. According to the expert...
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We invite you to the first international web conference Kolesa /Web 2018

We invite you to the first international web conference Kolesa /Web 2018
Hello, Habr! Spring came to the planet, and with it, numerous meetings and meetings.
We continue to form an IT-community in Kazakhstan and share the experience of web development and use of advanced technologies. April 21 in Almaty we will hold the first international web conference Kolesa /Web 2018!
In the program 7 reports from the Wheel Roof Market, Avito, Badoo, discussions in breaks and a sea of ​​delicious treats.
Registration here is
The video will be on our YouTube channel . We ...
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Firefox Gecko, "which we lost"

Firefox Gecko, "which we lost" Evolution is on, and weaker, slower and ineffective organisms are dying out. Not so long ago we spent in the abyss of the history of the Opera-1? looking somewhere into the distance, silently listening behind the sobbing of sympathizers. Unlike the body of the last animal from the Red Book, it could still be used for 2-3 years, and the users did not look like necrophiles. A similar situation is repeated with Firefox on the Gecko engine with the latest most convenient version of ???. There is a lot of useful and habitual functionality, not only built-in, but also in add-ons (extensions). Even reduced performance ...
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JNI: Let's make Java and C ++


There are times when in Java some actions are performed outside of the usual Java classes. For example, you need to execute code written in C /C ++ or some other language.
In this article, we will consider this issue from a practical point of view, namely, we will write a simple example of the interaction of Java code with C ++ code, using here .

Statement of the problem

Suppose we need to implement a class that contains the native method, which displays the "Hello world".
package en.forwolk.test;
public class ...[/h][/h]
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A vulnerability has been detected in the Vesta CP

A vulnerability has been detected in the Vesta CPhosting control panel.In some of our previous articles we are already told about the free control panel Vesta CP. This morning we received alarming information - in the panel there is a critical vulnerability that allows attackers to gain access to the server and make DDoS attacks from it or send out spam, which often leads to overflow of traffic. Known for the moment, details, as well as tips for protecting clean and clean up the hacked server, under the cut.     forum panel . The symptoms of all were similar: a sharp increase in traffic and parasitic load on the server. And according to the people who served ...
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Visualization of process connections in Linux

Visualization of process connections in Linux  
Did you have to track the dependencies of system processes, who's whose folder, find the emperor and kill him so that slaves do not respawn? You can ps'at and grep'at, you can lsof drive, because it's so exciting;) But any connection, it seems to me, is always easier to analyze in visual form, console utilities draw good tablets, but from them you can not always quickly understand that with what is connected and in what order, and for diagnostics it is very important.
useful tool lsof , but it did not say anything about the -F switch...
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Why does "=" mean an assignment?

Let's look at the following code:
a = 1
a = a + 1
print (a)

In the environment of the OP often criticize this moment of imperative programming: "How can it be that a = a + 1? It's like saying "1 = 2". In a misbehaving, there is no point. "
Here we see the discrepancy of the notation: "equal" should mean "equality", when in practice it means "assign". I agree with this criticism and believe that this is an unfortunate notation. But I also know that in some languages, instead of a = a + 1 write the expression a: = a + 1 . Why is this not the norm?
This question ...
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Hunting for Dofoil using Windows Defender ATP

Hunting for Dofoil using Windows Defender ATPIn March 201? hundreds of thousands of computers were attacked by by the cryptomayer Dofoil . In previous blog posts, we looked at how we managed to shield users from this massive attack. We also managed to track the origins of the attack until the moment infection of the software update service which was used by attackers to spread malware.
In this publication, we will take a closer look at the methods of debugging against debugging and analysis, which Dofoil authors have resorted to, and will show how the capabilities of Windows 10 to identify malicious software can be useful ...
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Applications that have reached self-awareness: automated diagnostics in production

Applications that have reached self-awareness: automated diagnostics in productionThe path to understanding Zen begins with the development of applications that can monitor themselves - this makes it easier and cheaper to fix problems on the production. In this article we will see how modern Windows applications can do self-monitoring, self-diagnostics, and maybe even self-healing, all without having to have an external agent or stupidly restart the application. Curbing the power of ETW for accurate low-level monitoring, Windows performance counters for obtaining free-of-charge statistics and the CLRMD library for analyzing their own flows, heap and lok objects, one can move ...
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