Alan Kay: “What books would you recommend reading to someone who studies Computer Science?”

In short, I would advise you to read many books that are not related to computer science.
 3r3124. Alan Kay: “What books would you recommend reading to someone who studies Computer Science?”
 3r3124. It is important to understand what place the concept of “science” occupies in “Computer Science” and what “engineering” means in “Software Engineering”.
 3r3124. The modern concept of "science" can be formulated as follows: it is an attempt to translate phenomena into models that can be more or less easily explained and predicted. On this subject, you can read "Sciences of the Artificial" (one of the important books of Herbert Simon). You can look at it from this point ...
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State Duma abolished national roaming in third reading

3r3-31. State Duma abolished national roaming in third reading  
Today, the State Duma in the third reading adopted amendments to the law "On Communications". These amendments abolish national roaming. Starting from June 1 of the next year, operators should provide subscribers with services at the same tariffs - regardless of what region of Russia they are located in. About this report Vedomosti.
Leonid Levin, chairman of the Duma committee on information policy, information technology and communications, said the bill would allow roaming to be canceled throughout Russia. Wherever a subscriber goes with a SIM card of an operator purchased in ...
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I study Rust: How I made UDP chat with Azul

I study Rust: How I made UDP chat with Azul Snake
. I tried cycles, collections, working with 3D . I learned about ggez and Amethyst . This time I tried to make a client and server for a chat. For GUI used 3r3155. Azul 3r3673. . Just watched Conrod , Yew and 3r3354. Orbtk
. I tried multithreading, channels and working with the network. I took into account the mistakes of the previous article and tried to make this more detailed. For details, welcome under cat. Sources running on Windows 10 x64 3r31078.  3r31088. 3r31078.  3r31088...
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Development of technical specifications according to GOST 34 is easy and simple

Often you hear the opinion that drawing up a Technical Specification in accordance with GOST 34 (TZ) is not only laborious, but also extremely annoying, because you have to write a lot of nonsense and water. But think: the development of this GOST was carried out by entire research institutes, it was a project at the state level, the experience of hundreds of automation projects, complex projects was summarized. Could they write nonsense?
In fact, with the right approach, GOST is very helpful not only in the development of the TZ, but during the implementation of the automation project as a ...
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Google showed a new generation of Street View Trekker

Google showed a new generation of Street View Trekkerbackpacks. 3r3-31. 3r3334.  3r3334.  A few years ago, Google Street View’s coverage began to expand from street panoramas to almost any place on earth, and all thanks to the Trekker program within which Street View cameras were able to be placed in a backpack. Today is Google announced Trekker updated backpack, which is several times lighter and smaller. The previous generation of backpacks weighed about 20 kilograms . 3r3334.   Peter or beaches Christmas Island ...
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RKN: Using analytics can lead to site blocking.

Incorrect use of Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics analytics services may result in restricted access to the site, Roskomnadzor said. 3r3386.  
The Tagansky Court of Moscow on December 19 at the suit of Roskomnadzor to the French domain registrar Gandi SAS 3r-38c. ruled 3r3–3100. about blocking the site of "collective voting" Earlier, on December 1? 3r3-10 was published. Solution 3r3-300. about adding a site to the registry of violators of PD handlers as an interim measure on the lawsuit, and from December ? 2013 began. Restriction of access to the site by providers 3-333100...
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Conversations with the "Higher Mind". Information in the brain

I decided to publish another excerpt from the story " Higher Mind ", Which also concerns the information processing discussed in Habré. It presents a somewhat unexpected look at the flow of information in the brain, than adopted in programming. But do not rush to criticize, it’s just an attempt to take a different look at what seems to be known and taken for granted. Immediately, I note that this approach is based on cognitive psychology. I would be glad to have interesting opinions, since the question is open. 3r376.  
- Amy, I ran into a problem. How to create models? Information ...
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Overview of the main mathematical optimization methods for problems with constraints

I have been preparing and collecting material for a long time, I hope this time turned out better. This article is dedicated to the main methods for solving mathematical optimization problems with constraints, so if you have heard that the simplex method is some kind of very important 3r3483. method, but still do not know what it does, then maybe this article will help you.
Overview of the main mathematical optimization methods for problems with constraints  3r3699. P. S. The article contains mathematical formulas added by a macro editor. They say that they are sometimes not displayed. There are also many gif animations.

 3r3699. 3r33478. Preamble
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Sandbox in Windows

[img][/img]The sandbox is a new lightweight tool in Windows that allows you to run applications in a secure, isolated environment.
Have you ever been in a situation where you need to run some program, but you are not quite sure about the source of its origin? Or another example - the need to check something on a “clean” version of Windows. In all such cases, there used to be only one way out - install the OS on a separate physical or virtual machine and conduct the necessary experiment. But this is no longer the case.
Microsoft has developed a new mechanism called 3r3148. Sandbox [/b] (eng. Windows ...
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Secrets of the Monster "O-L-X": how to clean the bot traffic of Vkontakte. Part 1

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