IT in Germany - how to look for work in major cities of Germany

If you have experience in IT, it is quite simple to leave for Germany, and a lot of articles on this topic help to make a choice. This article will not be an exception, it contains stories of 5 emigrants who shared their experience in major cities of Germany and told what to do to find a job and successfully move up the career ladder. As a bonus - features of survival in a foreign team and pleasant pieces of the German work environment. The article is written in the format of a mini-interview, 6 questions and answers from each author
IT in Germany - how to look for work in major cities of Germany ...
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What's again? The revival of non-bank debit cards

What's again? The revival of non-bank debit cards
In 200? the media was full of headlines about a revolutionary product that would change the fates of merchants and give consumers countless benefits. Analysts called the product a “historical chance” to improve subsiding earnings figures. And innovators rushed to create new applications to grasp this opportunity.
What was it? No, not the iPhone, although such an assumption is quite logical. We are talking about debit cards without being tied to banks.
The culprit of the "revolution" was Capital One, one of the largest banking holdings. His proposal was considered by many to be a brilliant move ...
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A testing tunnel from Boring Company

A testing tunnel from Boring Companyopened in California last night.  3r380. Source  3r380. This is the first startup tunnel, which was organized by Ilon Musk. The length was ?835 km (??? miles), and the cost of construction was just over 10 million US dollars. During its creation, the possibilities of accelerating the operation of drilling machines, as well as the further use of such tunnels by cars, were checked. Initially, vehicles had to stand on the so-called skateboards /platforms, which would move cars through the tunnels. Now the company refused such a decision, and instead used guide rollers /wheels that are fixed to the front wheels of the car. In ...
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SIEM depths: out-of-box correlations. Part 3.2. Event Normalization Methodology

3r3-31. How to normalize the event correctly? How to normalize similar events from different sources, without forgetting anything and not mistaking it? But what if it will be done by two experts independently of each other? In this article we will share the general methodology of normalization, which can help in solving this problem. 3r33748.  
SIEM depths: out-of-box correlations. Part 3.2. Event Normalization Methodology 3r3759. 3r33748.  
3r33750. Image: 3r3751. 3r33748.  
semantics IT or IB events.
3r3667. 3r33748.  
Event normalization methodology 3r3-3888. 3r33748.  
The whole ...
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Translation of the book Java concurrency in practice into Russian

Approximately from June to December of the 18th year, I was busy translating the book 3-33321. Java concurrency in practice [/b] in Russian. I am not a professional translator, the tools used to perform the translation are not known to me, and not very interested, the project is not commercial, but for the soul. I think my experience will be interesting. 3r318.  3r330. . The converter quite tolerably converted the pdf to word, but also transferred blocks, page breaks, etc. Began a long job on clearing the metadata. WORD has such a powerful and wonderful tool as styles. In the ...
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The first profit in the history of Western streaming services: why it is not so good news

European and American streaming services remain unprofitable. Only in 201? one of them showed a profit. This pioneer was Spotify. In the Swedish company, however, do not celebrate the triumph. We delve into how Spotify made a profit, why it reacted to its achievement with coolness and what prevents streaming services from getting a plus.
The first profit in the history of Western streaming services: why it is not so good news 3r311.
3r3128. 3r3189. Photo Sunil Soundarapandian / CC BY [/i]
3r3-33160. Why streaming platforms are not profitable 3r3r1616.
Despite popularity among users, streaming platforms ...
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How SystemUI works in Android

How SystemUI works in Android , on the device it is located in system /priv-app /-SystemUI. 3r33767.  3r3r7777. 3r33767.  3r3r7777. global user interface. that starts during the system boot process and cannot be completed. 3r33767.  3r3r7777. 3r33767.  3r3r7777. 3r3753. 3r3734. starts SystemUI when booting the system. 3r33767.  3r3r7777. 3r33767.  3r3r7777. 3r3753. 3r3734. static final void startSystemUi (Context context, WindowManagerService windowManager) ...
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Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy

Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy
The human brain has an amazing ability to combine incompatible things at first glance.
And so it happened!
Some time after I literally dreamed of flat kubotan , there was a problem of not enough bright "flashlight" of the next smartphone.
And then the clap! IDEA!
Do not judge strictly for a clumsy prototype, but join the discussion!
What features are supposed to get in the gadget:
3r3335. Flashlight, including for use as an additional flash to the smartphone like iblazr.
3r3335. Directly kubot
Estimated TTH - aluminum case, diameter - 25 mm...
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Phone Pixel 3 is learning to determine the depth in the photos

 3r3161. 3r3-31. Portrait mode on Pixel smartphones allows you to take professional-looking photos that draw attention to the subject with a blurred background. Last year, we described how we calculate the depth using a single camera and Phase-Detection Autofocus (PDAF), also known as autofocus with double pixels 3r3149. . This process used
Traditional stereo algorithm 3r3149. without training. This year on Pixel ? we adopted machine learning to improve the depth estimate and to produce even better results in portrait mode. 3r3142.  3r3161. 3r3142.  3r3161. Phone Pixel 3 is learning to determine the depth in the photos ..
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Culture feedback: how not to slip to charges

3r3355. Quality feedback on time signals how true we are moving towards the goal, whether we need to correct the course or change the speed. Or in general, urgently move in the opposite direction and change the mode of transport. Kontur University has recorded a video about major OS errors, how to avoid them and not spoil relations with colleagues.
 3r3365. 3r3355. The rules, which will be discussed, work in all spheres of our life. When properly applied, they will help to provide an effective and mutually useful feedback.
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