Online course on iOS-development for beginners from Redmadrobot and Contented

Online course on iOS-development for beginners from Redmadrobot and Contented
For those who have already dealt with the code, but do not know how to write for iOS yet, together with Contented, we launched an application development course.
Our timlids included in the course what the novice developer needs to know in order to learn further on their own and find their first job:
- Swift basics;
- Mechanics of interaction with the server API and backend development;
- Features of work with databases and frameworks for interaction with them.
Homework that you need to do, tests that you have to go through, and additional materials that are worth mastering - will. During the course, students will write a client-server application, and instructors-robots will help to understand all the errors and issues that have arisen.
Anton Polyakov, iOS developer Redmadrobot:
- When you start to study a new area, the first problem is the entry threshold. You immediately find a lot of articles and tutorials, but they all rely on the knowledge base that should be the student's default. The meaning of the same training is just to hold the student by the hand on the basic concepts and tell what to read first, what after, on what topics yet do not pay attention and return to them later. Plus, since we work in this field, in addition to general knowledge, we also transfer personal experience that is not fixed in books or articles.
The set for the course started on April 9th. For readers of Habra, we have a promotional code WR5I37 - on it you can sign up for a course before April 30 at a discount.
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