IPO and $ 250 million: HeadHunter will be released on Nasdaq

IPO and $ 250 million: HeadHunter will be released on Nasdaq
HeadHunter plans to hold an IPO and raise $ 250 million. The organization is already
documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and plans to place American depositary receipts (ADR) on the Nasdaq exchange. The stock has an HHR ticker. is in the top ten most popular services to find work in the world according to the platform SimilarWeb.
In 201? the Elbrus Capital private equity fund bought HeadHunter from Mail.Ru Group for 10 billion rubles, the valuation of the asset within the IPO is much higher than this amount. This is due to the development of the company: the site daily visit 18 million users, and the database stores 33 million resumes. In addition, the revenue of the company is growing every year: in 2017 HeadHunter earned 4.7 billion rubles, which is 44% more than in 2016.
Analysts believe that taking into account business development and lower unemployment, the valuation of an asset within an IPO can be significantly higher than the amount for which Elbrus Capital bought HeadHunter from Mail.Ru Group.

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