Marvin Minsky "The Emotion Machine": Chapter 5 "Reflection"

How to bring the "human" in technology and how technologies help to understand and improve and scale the "human"?
In this we will help the harsh Marvin Minsky, who with his ruthless intelligence analyzes feelings, emotions, pain, love and consciousness.
Marvin Minsky "The Emotion Machine": Chapter 5 "Reflection"


§5-3. Thinking


When Joan chose what to do - run the road ahead or run away, she had to choose one of the following rules:
If you are on the roadway, That is run away with it
If you are on the roadway, That is quickly overtake it

However, in order for Joan to take these decisions, she needs some mechanism that predicts and compares the possible options for resolving this situation. What helps Joan make similar predictions? The simplest way is to have a collection of three-part rules "If -> To -> In this case", in which each If describes a specific situation, each To describes a specific action, and each Then describes the possible result of the work done.

If you are on the roadway, That is Escape back, In that case, try to cross the road a little later than
If you are on the roadway, That is go over it, in which case you will arrive much earlier than
If you are on the roadway, That is In this case, you can get wounds

Chapter 1. Falling in Love [/b]
The Sea Of Mental Mysteries
Moods and Emotions
Infant Emotions

Seeing a Mind as a Cloud of Resources
Adult Emotions
Emotion Cascades

Playing with Mud
Attachments and Goals

Attachment-Learning Elevates Goals

Learning and pleasure
Conscience, Values ​​and Self-Ideals

Attachments of Infants and Animals
Who are our Imprimers?

Self-Models and Self-Consistency
Public Imprimers

3-1. Being in Pain
3-2. Prolonged Pain leads to Cascades

3-3. Feeling, Hurting, and Suffering
3-4. Overriding Pain

3-5 Correctors, Suppressors, and Censors
3-6 The Freudian Sandwich
3-7. Controlling our Moods and Dispositions

3-8. Emotional Exploitation
Chapter 7. Thinking.
Chapter 8. Resourcefulness.
Chapter 9. The Self.

About the Author


Marvin Lee Minsky (born Marvin Lee Minsky; August ? 1927 - January 2? 2016.) - American scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[Википедия]
Interesting facts:
Minsksky was friends with the critic Harold Bloom of Yale University, who spoke of him as "the sinister Marvin of Minsk".
Isaac Asimov described Minsk as one of two people who are smarter than himself; The second, in his opinion, was Carl Sagan.
Marvin - robot with artificial intelligence from the cycle of novels by Douglas Adams Hitchhiker 's Guide to the Galaxy and the film The Hitchhiker' s Guide to the Galaxy (film).
Minsk has a contract to freeze his brain after death in order to be "resurrected" in the future.
In honor of Minsk, the main character's dog in the film Tron: The Legacy is named.[Википедия]
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