Richard Hamming: Chapter 19. Modeling - II

"The purpose of this course is to prepare you for your technical future."
Richard Hamming: Chapter 19. Modeling - II Hello, Habr. Remember the awesome article "You and your work" (+21? 2442 in bookmarks, 389k of readings)?
So Hamming (yes, yes, self-controlling and self-correcting Hamming codes ) Is the whole book based on his lectures. We translate it, because the peasant is talking.
This book is not just about IT, it's a book about the thinking style of incredibly cool people. "This is not just a charge of positive thinking; it describes the conditions that increase the chances of doing a great job. "
We have already translated 22 (out of 30) chapters. And we are working over the publication "in paper".

Chapter 19. Modeling - II

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Now we turn to the question of the reliability of modeling. I think it's appropriate to start with a quote from the summer conference in 1975 on computer modeling:
"Computer modeling is now widely spread to analyze system models and evaluate theoretical solutions to observed problems. Because responsible decisions must be based on modeling, it is important that its validity is checked and that its adherents are able to describe the level of authenticity of the presentation they have reached. "
But, unfortunately, often on the reliability of the results of modeling you will be told how much effort was spent on this, how big and fast the computer was used, how important this task is, and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with the question.
I would designate the problem somewhat differently:
Why should someone believe in the relevance of modeling?
"The Dream Machine: The History of the Computer Revolution" )
Contents of the book and translated chapters [/b]
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"Simulation, Part II" (May ? 1995) Chapter 19. Modeling - II
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"Creativity" (May 2? 1995). Translation: Chapter 25. Creativity
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"Unreliable Data" (May 2? 1995) Chapter 27. Inaccurate data
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Hamming, "You and Your Research" (June ? 1995). Translation: You and your work
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