Global warming 2.0: due to the mere mining of bitcoins, the climate will warm by 2033 by 2 ° C

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In a recent UN report on climate change[2]It is noted that with global warming of 1.5 ° C, irreversible climate change will occur throughout the planet. Researchers at the University of Hawaii published yesterday (October 2? 2018) the results of their research: because of the mining of bitcoins alone, global warming by 2033 will exceed this critical one and a half-degree mark: it will add 2 ° C to global warming[1], thus marking the beginning of the era of "Global Warming 2.0".
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Global warming 2.0: due to the mere mining of bitcoins, the climate will warm by 2033 by 2 ° C 3r3391.  3r3173.
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