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11 g y1 in 11   2 g x g y1   g x1   Since we have g y is less than unity1   We carry out in the left part 2g x for the brackets1     When we have the perfect guesser1 − g y   We shorten10 bytes is 2 8010106991205743107В качестве основного потока взят считающийся правильным SystemRandom186 myrandom11C1cloud2 g x2 g x g y G x G y2 g y2 than p x02   That is2   That is g r can be more than g x Only when guessing the main sequence worse coin2002GIS Blog2GIS Company Blog35381173716740766Выводы3CX Ltd3D3D graphics3D printers3Dtool3Dtool blog3Dtool company blog4092251189581082 myrandom17 Company Blog8257149881148604По умолчанию используется алгоритм SHA__ init ____ new ___BPF_RECIP_BPFПример использования_xorABABBYYABBYY BlogAbnormal programmingacceleratorAccelerator BlogAccessibilityaccording to which the total entropy of independent sources is equal to the sum of the entropies of AccumulatorsAcronisActive companyActiveCloud blogadd a strongly skewed complement with p y0Adding a completely unpredictable extra sequence makes the result completely unpredictableadding any additional sequence does not worsen the overall unpredictability of the main oneAdministration of databasesAdministration of domain namesAdobe FlashAggregatesAggregatorsAgileAjaxAlconost BlogAlfaAlfa BankAlgorithmsall steps are simple enoughall the sources must be descendants of Randomall this for the sake of this lineAmazon Web ServicesampAnalysis and Design ofAnalysis and design of systemsAnalysis and design of systemseatAnalysis and System DesignAnalysis and systems designAnalytics of mobile applicationsandAnd believeand besides bruteforce there is no way to calculate these 10 bytesand g y and 1 to the rightAnd get the condition that adding an additional sequence will improve the intruderand if our brute force per second looks at a trillion optionsand the entropy weak additional sequence naturally worsens the resultAndroidAndroid DevelopmentAngularAngular companyAnnouncementsAntiAntivirus 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in life this state of affairs is much more frequent than we would likebut it is not yet certainbut that it is really random for allbut the specificbut the visualized calculation shows that the increase in entropy forms a smooth surfacebut we are guaranteed to have the resulting entropy not worse than the maximum entropy of the termsBut we just found out that if we do it rightbut we would get a bad resultCC BlogCADCAMCanonCanvasCar GadgetsCareer in ITCareer in IT industryCareer in the ITCareer in the IT industryCareers in IT industryCareers in the ITCareers in the IT industryCellularCellular communicationCellular communicationscenter MAICGIChemistryChulanCircuit DesignCircuitryCiscoCisco Blogclass CompoundRandomCleanTalk AntiClient optimizationClojureClosetCloud computingCloud servicesCloud4YCloud4Y company blogclsCMSCocoaCodebredCoffeeScriptcomcom Blogcom companycom company blogcommercecommerce developmentcommerce managementCommunication standardsCommunication systems 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problemsEntertaining puzzlesEntertaining tasksentropyentropy becomes a barrel of honeyEPAMEPAM BlogEPAM Company Blogequal to the average arithmetic entropy of the sourcesErlangErlivideo Company BlogERPERP systemsESET NOD32ESET NOD32 blogeSportsEtcoffEveryday ToolsEveryday Tools BlogEveryday Tools Company Blogeverything looks not so badEXANTEEXANTE blogexecute automationExpoExpo company blogExtensions for browsersFFacebook APIFant Company BlogFBK CyberSecurityFinanceFinance in ITFinancesFinances in ITFirebirdFirefoxFirstDEDIC BlogFirstVDSFlantFlunt company blogfor anotherfor one entityfor src in selffor src in sourcesformerly PeterFPGAFreelanceFreelance Company blogFreelancimfrom a formal point of viewfrom getpass import getpass from time import perf_counter from hashlib import sha3_512From the point of view of the mathematical theory of communicationfrom the word guessFunFun tasksFunCorp BlogFunCorp Company BlogFunctional ProgrammingFunny tasksFuture hereFuture is hereFuture Transportg is equal to nog x and g yg x g yg x   We transfer g x from the right to the leftg Yg y G yG y   That isgadgetfreaks blogGadgetsGame designGame developmentGame MonetizationGame promotionGame testingGames and consolesGames and game consolesGames and gaming consolesGames developmentGames monetizationGames promotiongaussGearbestgeek biographiesGeek biosGeek HealthGeeksGenerates an int with k random bitsGeoGeoinformation servicesGet the next random number in the rangegetpassgetrandbitsGiktimesGitGitHubGlobal positioning systemsGlobalSign BlogGlobalSign Company BlogGoGolovanovGoogleGoogle APIGoogle App EngineGoogle BlogGoogle ChromeGoogle Cloud PlatformGPGPUGRAD companyGRAD Company BlogGradleGrailsGraphic designGraphic ShellGraphic ShellsGraphic SkinsGraphical ShellsgraphicsGreaseMonkeyGridGain BlogGroovyGroupGrowth HackingGTDGTKHabrHabrahabrHabrahabr APIHacatonHacatonsHackathonsHackatonHackatonsHadoopHakatonHamster Marketplace BlogHard drivesHashFlareHashRandomHaskellHaulmontHaulmont 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random_xeIn factin terms of a separate bitIncincludingIncrease ConversionIncrease ConversionsIncrease in conversionIncreasing ConversionIncreasing ConversionsIndustrial programmingindustryInfographicsInfopulse Ukraine BlogInfopulse Ukraine company blogINFORION Company BlogInformationInformation cultureinformation entropy is not something that is present in the signal itselfInformation safetyInformation securityInformation security companyInformation security legislation in ITinformation servicesInfoWatch BloginfrastructureinfrastructurefirmwareInobitec company blogIntelIntems Company BlogInterbaseInteresting problemsInteresting tasksInterfacesInternet ExplorerInternet marketingInternet of thingsInternet ThingsInterSystems BlogInterviewInterviewsinvestments other than stocksio Company BlogIoBrokeriOSiOS DevelopmentIPFSIPTVIPvIPv6isinstanceISPsystemISPsystem BlogISPsystem Company BlogITIT CareerIT CareersIT companiesIT companyIT educational processIT emigrationIT FinanceIT GRAD company blogIT HistoryIT infrastructureit is also possible to carry out proof through entropyit is necessary to prove that   Hrit is not only about the signalIt is this probability of guessing that is obtained if we make a decision by throwing a coinIT LawIT LearningIT learning processIT legislationit makes sense to insure yourself with an additional oneit may well be 0IT OfficesIT research and forecastsIT Research and ProjectionsIT standardsIT Systems TestingIT TerminologyIT Testingit will be useful belowITI CapitalITI Capital BlogITI Capital company blogITMO University BlogITMO University University blogIvideon blogJavaJet HackersJet Hackers blogJet Hackers company blogJet Infosystems BlogJet Infosystems Company BlogJetBrains blogJetBrains company blogJoomJoomlajQueryJUGJuliaJust AI blogJust AI company blogKaspersky LabKaspersky Lab blogKingston TechnologyKingston Technology BlogKodobredKotlinKotlin BlogKotlin company blogLabVIEWLamoda blogLampTest BlogLampTest Company BlogLanguage 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_RECIP_BPF from functools import reduce as _reduce from operator import xor asRecognitorRed HatRed Hat blogRed Hat company blogRedmadrobotRedmadrobot company blogRedmondRedSys company blogRefructing and designingregardless of how the signal was received and what it isRegberryRegionSoft Developer Studio BlogRegular expressionsRememberResearch and forecasts in ITrespectivelyRetail Rocket blogreturn _reducereturn random_xereturn superReverseReverse engineeringRobot DevelopmentRoboticsRobotics DevelopmentRoof Market MarketRoof Market Wheels BlogRoof Wheels WheelsRookeeRostelecomRostelecom company blogru Blogru Company BlogRu GroupRu Group blogru Group Company blogRubyRuby on RailsRubyRussia BlogRusonyx blogRustRUVDSs Blogs blog 24s blog Audiomanias blog Audioomanias blog Cloud servicess Blog Data Centers blog for businesss blog Guilds blog icanchooses blog in Russias Blog of Oleg Bunins Blog of the Conference of Oleg Bunins blog Online school EnglishDoms blog Pochtoys blog Publishing 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homeSmartphonesSmileso the guessing probability isSochiSocial Networking and CommunitiesSocial networks and communitiesSocial networks and communityDesignSocial Quantum blogSoftSoftlineSoftline BlogSoftline company blogSoftwaresoftware testingSolar company blogSolar Security BlogSoliditySony Mobile Communications BlogSoundsourcessources superSouthbridgeSouthbridge BlogSouthbridge Company BlogSpamSpam and antispamSPBAU company blogSphereSport programmingsportsSports programmingSportsProgrammingSQLSQL BlogSQLitesrcStStackersstandardsStartStartup developmentStatistics in ITStorageStorage of dataStratoplan company blogStudioStudio company blogsuper_myrandomSupercomputersSuperJobSwiftSymfonySymfony BlogsystemSystem administrationSystem Analysis and DesignSystem Design and AnalysisSystem ProgrammingSystemRandomSystemRandom from random import BPF as _BPFsystemsSystems analysis and designSystems for the exchange of messagesSystems of exchange of messagesSystems of the exchange of messagest_startTabletstags_tmpTDDTeaching process in ITTechMediaTechMedia BlogTechnoservTechnoserv blogTechnoserv Company BlogTelemedicineTerminology ITTest web servicesTesting gamesTesting ITTesting IT systemsTesting mobile applicationsTesting mobile appsTesting of gamesTesting of ITTesting of IT systemsTesting of mobile applicationsTesting of webTesting of web servicesTesting Web Servicestestosterone before and afterthat isthat is   2 g x g y G x G yThe bit of the resulting sequence is guessed either when both values ​​are correctly guessdThe blog of the company FlantThe blog of the company JUGthe companyThe concatenation of sources gives us the specific entropy of the resultThe educational process in ITthe entropy can not be spoiledThe future herethe future isThe future is herethe information entropy is a relative quantitythe information entropy of the transmitted binary one is exactly 1 bitThe Internet of ThingsThe Interview Popular ScienceThe IT Learning ProcessThe IT processthe limiting case when g ythe phrasethe Popular ScienceThe possession of information is expressed in the ability to guess with some probability the values the probability of guessing the result is equal to the probability of guessing the additional sequenThe probability of guessing the result is equal to the probability of guiding the main sequenceThe probability of zero rthe sequence x completely unpredictablethe sequence x fully predictablethe specific entropy isThe system RNG produces a stream that is indistinguishable from the really randomthe Transport of the Futurethe use of pseudoThe use of the XOR operation leads to the fact that we lose part of the entropythe usual quantitative theory of informationThenthen turn g yThereforeThird Pin Company BlogThis is very disturbingthis situation is absurdThrough the ability to guessTinkoffTmaxSoft company blogtoTop 3D Shop BlogTop 3D Shop company blogToshibaToshiba BlogTraining process in ITTransport of the futureTrinion BlogTrinity Digital blogTS SolutionTS Solution company blogTutuTwitter APITypeScriptTypographyuaUmbrella IT company blogUML DesignUnetUnited Front SystemUnity3DUnity3D BlogUniversity SkillboxUnreal Engineup developmentUrbanismUsabilityvarious investment strategiesVAS Experts blogVAS Experts company blogvascriptvascript typeScriptvascript typeScript jvascript WeblogVeeam SoftwareVeeam Software BlogVenture InvestmentVenture investmentsVersion control systemsVertex BlogVery interesting case when gVideoVideo cardsVideo companyVideo company blogVideo editingVideo equipmentVideo OperationsVideo ProcessingVideo technologyvideo workVIMVirto Commerce blogVirtualizationvirus protectionVisual StudioVisualization of dataVK company blogVkontakte APIVKontakte Company BlogVoximplant BlogVoximplant company blogVRVSCEVSCE blogVSCE companyVSCE company blogVTBVTB company blogVueJSVulners blogVyshTechVyshTech CompanyWargaming Blogwe can only hopewe have already consideredwe have gwe have only 1we need a second attemptwe need to find out under what conditions g r can be more than g xwe obtain the result p r0We prove that for any p x0 and p y0 the value p r0 can not be farther from 1We prove that the entropy has a maximum at the point p 0we will need an average of 19 thousand years to learn how to guess the next signwe would preserve the entropy of the sourcesWearable electronicsWebWeb analyticsWeb designWeb developmentWeb services monetizationWeb services testingWeb site developmentWeb sites developmentWebAssemblyWebAssembly blogWebGLWebsite developmentWestComp Company BlogWestern DigitalWestern Digital BlogWhalesburgWhalesburg Company BlogWheels Roof Marketwhen our predictor is engaged in conscious sabotageWherewhich can not be ruined by any amount of tarwhich is either objectively present in the datawhich is very badwhy testosterone boosterWIFIREWindows developmentWirelessWireless technologiesWireless TechnologyWirexWirex blogWirex companyWirex company blogwith an entropy ofWordPressWork with 3DWork with 3D graphicsWork with soundWork with vector graphicsWork with videoWorking with 3DWorking with iconsWorking with soundWorking with vector graphicsWorking with videoWorn Electronicsworse coinWrikeWrike BlogxX5RetailGroupX5RetailGroup Company BlogXamarinXcodeXMLyy andy0YandexYandex APIYandex blogYandex company blogYiiYotaYota Blogyou can do it yourselfZadarma Company BlogZend FrameworkZeptobars Company BlogZfort GroupZfort Group blogZfort Group company blogZimbraZONEZONE Company BlogZYXELZYXEL blog in RussiaZYXEL Company Blog in Russia  1  2  2 g x  2 g x g y G x G x  Cryptographers have a dogma  g r  g x  g y  H r  H y  If we have only 10 bytes of real entropy  In order to prove the non  p r0  We have a theorem on the addition of entropies  Zero in the resulting sequence appears when there are two zeros or two ones at the input    A few additional considerations about entropy    As was said above    In order to prove that adding an additional sequence to the main one does not help an attacker    Let us consider the limiting cases    So    The implementation of the summing RNG on Python   from random import Random    The second attempt to prove      Entropy is an extremely mythological concept      For example      g xВ принципеВремяГПСЧ на основе потокового циклического хешированияВ простейшем случае можно взять некоторое относитеГиктаймсДля примера сделаем составной ГСЧЕсли мы не уверены в своём генераторе случайных чиселЕсли системный ГСЧ скомпрометированЕсли хочется чегоЗадача восстановления исходных данных по значению хеша невыносимо сложнаЗанимательные задачкиИ это математически доказаноИспользуем как обычный RandomИсходники библиотеки – на GitHubКриптостойкость этого процесса основывается на двух предположенияхМатематикаМожно вместо этого поженить между собой два системных ГСЧНе понятноНу ладно return selfНужно не забыть постараться сделать такОформим в виде функцииПо значению хеша невозможно восстановить внутреннее состояние хеширующего алгоритмаПобарабаньте по клавиатуреПользовательский вводПосовещавшись с внутренним параноикомПример использованияРешая эту проблемуС одной стороныСистемный ГСЧСмыслаСмысла в этомСоздаём объектСтандартный ГПСЧ – точно не та добавкаСхематически это можно изобразить такТак оно называется from random import RandomТаким образомТеперь если злоумышленнику удалось получить значение «Хеш 1r»Только лучшеа в качестве дополнительного – стандартный ГПСЧ Randomа потом циклически доливать хеш на вход алгоритма хеширования и брать следующие хешив нашем мире беспорядок встречается намного чащевычислить их хешзатраченное на этот вводи поэтому в чистовой реализации ГПСЧ схема немножко усложненаи таким образом становится worse coinконечнокоторое он не сможет узнатькриптостойкость этой схемы соответствует криптостойкости применяемого хеширующего алгоритмаможно в конструктор вторым параметром передать желаемый тип алгоритма хешированиямы можем легко и потрясающе дёшево решить эту проблемунапримерне вычислив функцию хеширования «против шерсти»не очень многоно в качестве простого решения предложу ГПСЧ HashRandomно зачемобрабатываемое SHAобрабатываемый алгоритмом SHA3он не сможет вычислить следующие за ним значение «Хеш 2r»полёт фантазии в деле поиска источника дополнительной энтропии ничем не ограниченпопросить пользователя побарабанить по клавиатурепотому что приведённые выше выкладки справедливы только для независимых источниковпочему в SystemRandom так не сделаноправда в этом ещё меньшепризнал второе предположение лишнимпроинициализировав HashRandom лучшим в мире паролемради которой всё это стоило затеватьрезультат также получится скомпрометированнымсделать хуже мы не сможемсуммирующий в кучу следующеетак как у него нет значения «Хеш 2h»также реализованный в библиотеке «random_xe»такой угадыватель гдето внутри себя обладает данными об угадываемой величинето другогото инвертирует свою выдачуто рекомендует Брюс Шнайер в «Прикладной криптографии»хотя именно такой приём почемучем порядокчтобы использованные источники энтропии были независимымиэто святоесмотреть фильмы онлайн