Easier than it seems. Fracture

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- Sergey, welcome, glad to see! Go in, sit down. Kurchatov rose from his seat, extended his hand to Sergei across the large table, and smiled sincerely. At least, Sergei thought that the smile was sincere. If it was not, then Kurchatov feigned very well - clearly felt a rich experience of communication with people. Such a man wanted to learn a lot.
- Sergei, this is not a formal meeting, not to report on the work done. - Entered at the head of the table Voronin. - Evgeny Viktorovich often meets with staff, especially with new ones, to ...
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Easier than it seems. Chapters 6-7


"No, my friends, it's not going to work!" You feed me tales for a year! Year! And the situation is only aggravated! 27% of deviations, almost a third of the warehouse does not correspond to accounting!
Kurchatov was in a rage, which was rare - he was surprisingly optimistic, educated and, as it seemed to Sergei, intelligent for the business owner. The previously seen owners of much smaller companies were not more prosaic.
- Do you understand what these deviations mean for me? It's money, millions, about which I do not know anything! So, you, Anatoly Pavlovich, do you know how much ...[/h]
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What I learned after going through a lot of interviews in companies and start-ups from the field of AI

What I learned after going through a lot of interviews in companies and start-ups from the field of AIOver the past eight months, I've been interviewed in a wide variety of companies - DeepMind at Google, Wadhwani Institute of AI, Microsoft, Ola, Fractal Analytics and some others - mainly at the position of Data Scientist, Software Engineer and Research Engineer. In the process, I was given the opportunity not only to communicate with many talented people, but also to look at myself in a new way with an understanding of what employers want to hear when they talk with candidates. I think if I had this information before, I could avoid many mistakes and prepare for interviews much better. This was ...
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Technical conferences for ourselves: our experience, mistakes and achievements

Technical conferences for ourselves: our experience, mistakes and achievementsIn Naumen we organize a technical conference ourselves. We called it Devel Camp (from "developer"). For our employees, it has become a good alternative to open professional conferences.
The main difference between the internal conference and the open one is that we exchange opinions on what concerns only our company. If any technologies and processes are discussed, it means that it is already used by us or can be applied (in the opinion of our employees, not external experts).
At conferences of a different format, participants are usually afraid to show themselves or their company as not ...
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How to survive in the changing world of

How to survive in the changing world ofdevelopment. With colleagues came the conversation about the constant self-improvement of the programmer in private time. You need to run all the time to just stay in place. I myself love this business, and, despite having three children, I manage to feel new concepts. But a lot of people are just tired of this running around, and they can be understood. Take, for example, the world of the front-line. With the knowledge of jаvascript five years ago, now you can not find a good job. Now RequireJS + Grunt is not rolling, you need to know React, Webpack, modern ES or TypeScript, etc. And in the next year ...
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Easier than it seems. Chapters 4-5

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"Have you done the accounting task?" Report. You promised to finish today.
"I'll finish it today, the whole day ahead." Do not worry about it, Galina.
- What did you want to talk about?
- About the salary.
- Come on, I'm listening.
"You work for two years, you probably know - what is the salary increase algorithm here?" What should be done specifically to get more? Is the project serious? Or just a task in time to perform? Training to pass, qualification to raise?
- I I Sergey, I'm shocked by your impudence.
- In terms of? I'm ...[/h]
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About the IT market in Russia honestly

In the last few years, my worries about the Russian IT market have only intensified. It all started with the ruble crisis of 2014 (and maybe even earlier), and since then I have not lost the feeling that many Russian companies, especially provincial ones, have blindfolded their ears and are still trying to pretend that nothing is happening . I talked a lot with different companies, with HR, with developers, and compiled a list of disappointing theses about what the program market is like and the culture of development as a whole, because these are interrelated things. According to my subjective ...
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The boom of mindless employment

Original of the article was published on June ? 2018 in the journal The New Yorker
With an increasing number of people, work becomes meaningless. Is there any benefit from a monotonous routine?
The boom of mindless employment  

In his new book, anthropologist David Graber looks for a diagnosis and epidemiology of what he calls "useless works that no one wants to talk about." Illustration: Martina Paukova

Delusional work like paper waste accumulates in offices with the inevitability of the February snow. Reports on the rationale What is this? No one knows. And yet they accumulate around, warmed by a copier...
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Twice in one river or (He) a lot about professional burnout

Twice in one river or (He) a lot about professional burnoutSabbatical is a paid or partially paid long vacation lasting from three months to a year (or more) with guaranteed preservation of the place for the employee. From English "sabbatical" is literally translated as "stop doing something".
- Sasha, obviously, the work does not bring you pleasure, - Slava pronounced uncontested things. The fourth week instead of work, I raced to the next children's football tournament. When you have three children, you can take their hobbies 120% of their time. "I have an offer for you." Let's send you on vacation for a year? I will close the business for this time...
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The IT person's pension is

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