Egocentric daffodils are inferior in their productivity to humble leaders.

 3r33333. 3r3-31. 3r3138. How productive is the quality of character in a working atmosphere like humility? This is surprising, but the results of a survey of 150+ small and medium-sized businesses have shown that: 3r3154.
 3r33333. 3r33130. under the leadership of a humble leader, the top staff of the company is inspired to cooperate, exchange experience and dedication; 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33130. the leader's humility is contagious: followers begin to imitate their leader; 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33130. Following the example of a humble leader, employees are more willing to admit their ...
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Good outstuff, bad outstuff

I am a full-stack developer from Ukraine, I live and work in France, the region of Brittany. I already wrote about my relocate here is . In this article I want to tell you how the hiring system works in France in the field of IT, and how I tried to hack this system.
3r314. 3r3204.  
3r3162. 3r3163. From the author [/b] 3r3165.
All that I know about companies from the Dnieper, my hometown in Ukraine - many are outsourcing. Outstaffing (staff leasing) has become new to me in Europe (yes, I am still young).
3r330. What is outstaffing? 3r3192. 3r3204.  
In France...
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Career Rush

A slight digression

Although our steroids are called career, they are suitable not only to obtain a management position. With the help of some you can achieve a salary increase, or certain amenities and indulgences that will be important for you personally.
Therefore, in the further presentation, we will understand the career, and, accordingly, steroids, more widely than the post.


One of the coolest and versatile steroids known to me is rush (in English, Rush - pressure, pressure). The term came from computer games, especially from real-time strategies. Personally...[/h][/h]
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The ideal (probably) interview of the mobile developer middle

 3r3149. 3r3-31. Recently, there have been so many stories about bad interviews in Habré that sometimes doubt creeps in, and are there good interviews in nature? So for the sake of diversity in this we consider an example of a good * approach. The story will go from the point of view of the employer’s developer who is directly involved in the hiring process.
 3r3149. The ideal (probably) interview of the mobile developer middle  3r3149.
 3r3149. * probably twin send . Well, he could not deceive, we just made a mistake on the interview. In such a case there is a wonderful thing called "probation." Plus, work in a large company (at least in our case) ...
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Career steroids

A lot of books, films, articles and even songs are devoted to building a career. I read many of them - wonderful works. But Some are too correct, or something.
In the works of a lighter genre - for example, in songs and films - it is said about building a career much more prosaic, often with humor and irony. From what comes to mind immediately, I will name two songs - "Manager" groups Leningrad and, sorry for the idiom, The booty Gaza (the song is really called that),
But, as it should be for the light genre, there is no systematic approach, fullness, and examples from life...
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Career newcomer in the "LC": Leaps of pace slowly grow forward

Some habrovchane believe that the employees of "Kaspersky Lab" clone in secret laboratories or from childhood bring up you know where. We decided to investigate this issue in more detail and captured several young colleagues on the subject of interviewing. It turned out that no, these are quite lively people and among them come across extremely curious specimens. For example, Nikita Kurganov - a recent addition to the AMR team (Anti-Malware Research) - an enthusiastic bearer who came into the profession right from the fourth year of Baumanka.
Career newcomer in the "LC": Leaps of pace slowly grow forward ...
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Blau Karte for a near IT specialist or how I dumped

Blau Karte for a near IT specialist or how I dumpedto Germany. 3r3146. 3r3-31. 3r3122. A bit about emigration to Germany by Blau Karte for not quite specialized IT people: 3r3146. For a start, a little about me, so that it would be clear from which point I began to get ready to emigrate. Education - B.S. (Bachelor of Sciences) in chemistry, B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in mathematics, M.S. in chemistry in one rather specific area. I received the tower in the US, but then (I was young and stupid) returned to Russia, where for about 6 years I worked in BI (Business Intelligence) in two companies (the first is a local manufacturer of BI software, the second is a ...
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Scrum is dead

3r3-31. “What you got accepted for, and they fired you.” - sighed heavily, said Bob. - I heard such a phrase?
- No. - John answered gloomily.
“Do you remember why I took you to the tmlids?” - Bob turned away from John and stared out the window.
The view from the twenty-fifth floor was gorgeous, but it seemed that Bob had not seen him.
- I have my own version. - quietly said John. - It seems it was in a scram.
- Yes, it was in the scram. - Bob nodded, still looking out the window. - And I, honestly, can’t hear about him anymore. I do not want to say lofty words, but you have ...
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Preferential education loan for all GeekUniversity programs from GeekBrains and Alfa Bank

Preferential education loan for all GeekUniversity programs from GeekBrains and Alfa Bank  
Our online university GeekUniversity, together with Alfa-Bank, have developed a preferential lending program “3r-359. A year without worries 3r3-360. », Which allows you to start training in IT on special conditions. The loan program will allow you to get the necessary knowledge in the most popular IT professions today and find a job in a dream company so that in future you can make monthly contributions for already gained experience and qualifications without special losses to your personal budget. 3r361.
You will be able to study any of the eight directions for a whole year without payment:
web de...
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“Facing Guido what you say to him” or Python dialogs with Bobuk

 3r33357. 3r3-31. In August, eyeofhell , 3r3138. voldar
and their colleagues in the MoscowPython community began to record the Python Junior podcast. This is a transcript of the selected moments of one of the issues.
3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333.  3r33357. “Facing Guido what you say to him” or Python dialogs with Bobuk You lead the telegram channel addmeto. You talk about every beautiful future, technology, and so on. What role will Python play in this all, in your opinion? 3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333.  3r33357. 3r33333. Gregory Bakunov aka bobuk : [/b] Obviously, where does all the programming go? We are ...
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