"Warm lamp" sound with your own hands. What if you cross the store, club and workshop?

 3r33410. 3r3-31. "Warm lamp" sound with your own hands. What if you cross the store, club and workshop?  3r33410.
 3r33410. The phrase “Warm Lamp” has long become a meme. It is used everywhere and in the most unusual context. For me personally, with these words, an old tube radio from my childhood comes to mind, to which I attached an external antenna (to increase sensitivity) and a converter to escape into shorter waves, on which the jamming of “enemy voices” was less intense. For most, they are more likely to be associated with low frequency amplifiers.
 3r33410. However, this article is more about marketing. Today, offline trading in gadgets is beginning to experience a crisis, but it’s st...
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Turbojet bikes

Turbojet bikes 3r3189.  
Turbojet snowboards, turbojet bikes jetpacks are no longer the future, but the present. Concepts, renders, flying manned vehicles. Everything is already there. Children's designers, chewing gum, legendary customizers - everyone is interested in experimenting with microturbine engines. 3r3189.  
RUVDS 3r3205. became interested in jetpack and helps storm the clouds. 3r3189.  
Bonus blog readers:
3r33180. 3r3181.
3r3187. Another 3r3188. 3r3189.  
3r3194. Building a jetpack /hoverboard: rescue systems 3r3205.
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Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy

Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy
The human brain has an amazing ability to combine incompatible things at first glance.
And so it happened!
Some time after I literally dreamed of flat kubotan , there was a problem of not enough bright "flashlight" of the next smartphone.
And then the clap! IDEA!
Do not judge strictly for a clumsy prototype, but join the discussion!
What features are supposed to get in the gadget:
3r3335. Flashlight, including for use as an additional flash to the smartphone like iblazr.
3r3335. Directly kubot
Estimated TTH - aluminum case, diameter - 25 mm...
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Production of the case for the robot with a limited budget. Vacuum forming

Production of the case for the robot with a limited budget. Vacuum formingHow to show investors a beautiful robot? Develop a beautiful body. How to do it while there is no investment? I tried to briefly describe my path. We develop Golf Ball Robot at the driving range . 3r3208. Without a beautiful body is very difficult to explain how the robot will look. [/b] In this article I will tell you how for 24000 rub. get a case of 1000mm x 800mm x 250mm, as well as what kind of rake we collected along the way. Perhaps this will help you avoid our mistakes.
casting under pressure , but the cost of making molds is a huge barrier for a startup...
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In the EU, require the right to repair major household appliances

In the EU, require the right to repair major household appliances  
Source: Schraube locker !?
And not only them, but also other household appliances, but activists of the “right to repair” movement decided to start with refrigerators. They managed to collect more than 100 thousand signatures under the relevant document and even get a vote in Brussels on the change of 3-3313. Legislation 3r3356. related to the repair of household appliances.
The main task of European activists now is to achieve such changes so that home appliances can be repaired on their own, using parts provided by manufacturers. The traditional practice of manufacturers not only household appliances...
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Another simple homemade processor on verilog

 3r???. 3r3-31. 3r3-3579. The article describes the next
CPU. 3r33577.  3r???. Instead of the usual RISC /СISC processor, it does not possess a set of instructions as such, only a single copy instruction. 3r33577.  3r???. Similar processors are at Maxim a series MAXQ 3r37373. . 3r38080.
3r33573. 3r33577.  3r???. 3r3-3579. To begin with we will describe ROM, memory of programs 3r38080. 3r33577.  3r???. 3r33540. 3r33535. module rom1r (addr_r, data_r); 3r???. Parameter ADDR_WIDTH = 8; 3r???. Parameter DATA_WIDTH = 8; 3r???. input[ADDR_WIDTH - 1 : 0]addr_r; 3r???. output[DATA_WIDTH - 1 : ...[/ADDR]
FPGA / Lua
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Xiaomi wireless devices in the smart home ioBroker

Xiaomi wireless devices in the smart home ioBrokerGreetings to all home automation lovers. I decided to share the experience of using Xiaomi wireless devices with ZigBee interface. I, frankly, oppose the use of any wireless devices in any automation, from serious large-scale process control systems to small automation systems like fire alarm systems or smart homes, but Xiaomi solutions bribed with low cost, availability, excellent design and many positive reviews from users, I decided to try.
 3r33655. This post should be taken as step-by-step instructions for integrating ZigBee devices into the infrastructure of a smart home. Described ...
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As the author of TV-B-Gone, the ArduTouch

As the author of TV-B-Gone, the ArduTouchmusic synthesizer was made. 3r3-31. Arduino-compatible musical instrument that teaches digital signal processing 3r3114.   3r3114.  3r3114.  3r3394. The article by Mitch Altman, the inventor who invented the universal remote control for turning off the TV-B-Gone TVs, and the organizer of hacker conferences 3r395. 3r3114.  3r3114.  As a child, I was drawn to the music, and I was amazed at the sounds of the synthesizer 3r317. Moog 3r3117. from the 1968 album Switched-On Bach . I needed to learn how to extract such sounds! Thus began the training and production of synthesizers with a lifelong parallel to my ...
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Flamethrowers, Santa Claus on the tank, Bigfoot, Baba Yaga on Endurik (and, possibly, Jetpack) - all for the kids for the new year

I found a training ground in the center of Moscow, check it out.
3r33767. 3r33737. 3r3769. 3r311.
Site requirements were: 3r3785.  
3r33670. Neighbors do not complain about the noise of 100 dB
3r33670. There is no risk that “firefighters will come running to put out the fire” because grandmother called
3r33670. closer to the center of Moscow 3r3r6767.  
3r33670. spacious playground
3r33670. There is a vertical structure, so that was what to gain a foothold
And he found the same ones, advised. When these the men saw my “turbojet pukalka”, they asked: “Is that all? Why ...
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Development of buck-converter on STM32F334: principle of operation, calculations, prototyping

Development of buck-converter on STM32F334: principle of operation, calculations, prototypingIn my last two articles, I talked about the power module and the control board based on the STM32F334R8T6 microcontroller, which were created specifically for implementing control systems for power converters and electric drives. An example of a DC /AC converter was also considered, which was a demonstration, not a complete construction. Now it's time to do something simple, but useful, and most importantly complete. 3r31196.  
Most of the issues related to the project and power electronics are related to specific topologies: someone is interested in knowing the PFC control algorithm...
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