Eight audio technologies and audio gadgets that will get into the TECnology hall of fame in 2019

Fourteen years ago, the organizers of the TEC Awards - awards for achievements in the field of audio technology - established the Hall of Fame TECnology. The first to include such inventions as the Edison cylinder and the gramophone. Since then, the list is updated annually.
Representatives of the award already announced "New" in 2019. Among them - a modular synthesizer Moog and anechoic chamber. About what makes these things special, we will tell in the material.
3r314. Eight audio technologies and audio gadgets that will get into the TECnology hall of fame in 2019 3r3333317.
3r33333. Photo ...
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New LED lamps Diall

 3r33150. 3r3-31. I recently tested 46 Diall lamps and wrote a review ( Habr.com/company/lamptest/blog/427459 ), But almost immediately after this, the range of lamps of this brand completely changed. I bought 19 new lamps and tested them.
 3r33150. 3r3118. New LED lamps Diall  3r33150.
 3r33150. Uprtek MK350D . The minimum operating voltage at which the luminous flux decreased by no more than 5% of the nominal, was measured using an instrument. Lamptest-1 3r3134. , stabilizer
Calm Instab 500
and LATRA Suntek TDGC2-0.5. Before measurements ...
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Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy

Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy
The human brain has an amazing ability to combine incompatible things at first glance.
And so it happened!
Some time after I literally dreamed of flat kubotan , there was a problem of not enough bright "flashlight" of the next smartphone.
And then the clap! IDEA!
Do not judge strictly for a clumsy prototype, but join the discussion!
What features are supposed to get in the gadget:
3r3335. Flashlight, including for use as an additional flash to the smartphone like iblazr.
3r3335. Directly kubot
Estimated TTH - aluminum case, diameter - 25 mm...
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Headphone Review Sony SBH90C: Wireless or USB Type-C?

Headphone Review Sony SBH90C: Wireless or USB Type-C? 3r3365.  
The widespread abandonment of the 3.5 mm headphone jack broke smartphone users into two camps: some were unhappy that they would have to make compromises in terms of sound quality and charge another device, others enthusiastically accepted this change, appreciating the more monolithic design of the devices and the convenience of the wireless connect. The most advanced even fantasize about the possible rejection of wired charging, but this still seems to be a too radical change in user experience. A compromise between the two opposing sides was found in the Sony SBH90C headphone model ...
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Background: Yandex. Phone

Background: Yandex. Phone  3r33434.
 3r33434. Comments under 3r339. post “Yandex” about their “Phone” 3r3455. made it clear that habrayusers don’t submit renders and official opinions, but photos and first-hand stories. That without embellishment - and about the annoying vibromotor, and about the cool solution with the color filter, and about the glossy case collecting prints, and about the cute I-paper clip, which is elusively similar to the Kalashnikov machine gun. I walked with the device for a week and a half and now I will try to answer the questions about Yandex.Telephone that my friends have been asking me all this time...
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Snom D725 IP Phone Review

Snom D725 IP Phone Review 3r3108.
We continue a series of articles with reviews of multifunctional office IP-phones by Snom. This time the story will be about the model D72? relating to the average price segment.

Features model

The ergonomic keyboard has all the main keys to control the phone and calls. In addition to them, there is also a block of eighteen additional function keys, thanks to which the D725 has turned out to be a little more than the younger models in the D7xx lineup, and it is no longer inferior in size to the older ones.
The display is monochrome, with adjustable brightness. It is only slightly larger than the youngest models. Recall that in the D7xx line, the angle of inclination of the display can be ...[/h]
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A guide to gifts for the New Year

 3r33400. 3r3-31. A guide to gifts for the New Year 3r33333. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33338. 3r314. Search tracker Chipolo Plus
3r33333. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33385.  3r33400. Chipolo Keychain is a gadget that helps you quickly find lost items. For example, the keys left in another pocket, a purse forgotten in a cafe, a bag piled with a pile of clothes. Chipolo is attached to the thing that risks being lost, and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Chipolo application is installed on the smartphone. Press the button in the application, in response, the keychain will emit a piercing trill of 100 dB volume. 3r33385.  3r33400. 3r33385.  3r33400. Bluetooth has its limits, in the case of Chipolo, the "zone of visibility" is 60 meters...
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Put on headphones and died: we deal with the strange death of a schoolboy in Rembau

December 6 r3r34. The Sun
reported a tragic accident in Malaysia. A sixteen-year-old schoolboy, Mohammed Zakharin, was found dead at home, with headphones connected to a smartphone in his ears. According to the results of the autopsy, the teenager died from an electrical injury. After reading this news, many users took it for a fake, although it is known that even this year is not the first case of this kind. Under the cat more about the tragedy, similar cases and how this could happen. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. Put on headphones and died: we deal with the strange death of a schoolboy in Rembau
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The first good light with Aliexpress is

 3r3118. 3r3-31. Almost all the LED lamps that can be bought on Aliexpress are very poor: many have an unacceptable ripple of light, a low color rendering index, often the real power and luminous flux is five times less than promised. I was already sure that Ali had no good lamps at all, but there was an exception. 3r3105.  3r3118. 3r3105.  3r3118. 3r380. The first good light with Aliexpress is 3r3102. 3r3105.  3r3118. Last year I tested 13 different bulbs from Aliexpress, links to which were sent by readers and visitors to the Lamptest site. Alas, I could not name any of the lamps that people thought were good. The only light bulb that did ...
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The test was run with a three-axis accelerometer

The test was run with a three-axis accelerometerHello! 3r3193.  
The question of the physical development of their own children is always relevant. The youngest son was three years old, and in addition to walks, I wanted to look for sports lessons for him. Since he is interested in various types of transport, the choice naturally fell on the runbike. And after watching the incendiary videos, how older children are stunt on the runbikes, I decided to investigate the issue in more detail. Armed with IMU from Amperki on 10 degrees of freedom, Raspberry Zero W with a power supply and 40 lines of Python code, I went to a running school...
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