Evil by Design: interfaces from Mephistopheles (part one)

Chris Nodder, the author of the book " Evil by Design ", Immediately causes trust. Not so much with your track record of achievements in the psychology of UX design and consulting, but as an obvious ability to cling and sell. In fact, under the stylish cover with the demonok - a collection of techniques for manipulating the consumer, many of which have been known for a long time. But, you see, "the guide for the designer who serves Evil, awakening in people's dark instincts" sounds much more enthralling. Let's push the consumer to mortal sins!
Evil by Design: interfaces from Mephistopheles (part one)
Why mo...

How to make good UI-animation excellent

In the material, the translation of which we publish today, designer Pablo Stanley offers several recommendations for animating micro-interactions in the user interface. In each example shown here, two versions of animations are considered. The first option is good, the second, in the author's opinion, is simply excellent. Improving animations is due to small changes, which, in the end, can significantly improve the perception of interfaces by users.
How to make good UI-animation excellent

The animations ...

Open lesson "Designing UX /UI: design in the modern world"

Good day to all!
We conducted here in the framework of our second "non-program" course - "Designing UXUI" an open webinar on the above topic, where they analyzed what "design", "designer" and the role of all this in the world of the company.
Our teachers also talked about modern trends and perspectives in this area. So, we hope that you will be interested:

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UX-design in Russia and the CIS "under a microscope"

Perhaps, we will start with a small educational program on the main object of this topic. Namely - with the concept of UX-design!
Translated from English User Experience means "user experience". What impressions users experience when interacting with the interface developed by the designer, how easy it is and whether it is possible to achieve the set goals.
UX-design is a multi-faceted concept, which includes the following disciplines:
information architecture;
visual design;
interactive design;
interaction between man and computer.
UX-design in Russia and the CIS "under a microscope"
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Descriptor graphics in MATLAB: second horizontal axis

When studying the descriptor graphics in MATLAB, there was a shortage of "userfriends" of the functional, namely the absence of a standard command allowing to add an additional horizontal axis.
Adding an additional vertical axis, using the command. plotyy provided and in help to it, in the topics section, there is an example of adding an additional axis x , but this example, like the team itself, is not without flaws, which the developer himself graciously tells us:
plotyy is not recommended
the description of the command axes ;

"Tutor: mathematics" to prepare for the exam and VPR - from the idea to the release. Story about the unique educational project

Reboot designer. How to say goodbye to the routine and reach a new level

Reboot designer. How to say goodbye to the routine and reach a new level  
Designers are usually considered creative people who digitize brushes visualize on the screen Aimak splashes of his consciousness. Likely there are such, but I assure that every third designer daily deals with the same tasks and begins to envy the accountant, who solves the solitaire, while responding to the messages in Odnoklassniki.
Designers rarely work in one company for more than 3-5 years, and all because inside we extol the design as a religion, and in fact we draw gray rectangles and try to understand the essence of the customer's comments. It drains, primarily emotionally. A designer without ...

The creator of Vue.js answers Habr

The creator of Vue.js answers Habr  
All with Friday!
As promised, we publish Evan You's answers to the questions we have long and painfully were collected in previous post , as well as the Russian-speaking Vue chat in Telegram.
video (eng) -
? note [/i] )
B: Is Vue a full replacement for React /Angular or is it a niche framework?
O: Yes, it can be a complete replacement. This is not a niche framework.
B: What is the expected life cycle of Vue.js? Will Web Components /VanillaJS be able to replace JS frameworks in the near future?
O: We are growing ...

30 seconds CSS

30 seconds CSS
We bring to your attention a collection of useful CSS-snippets, in which you can sort out in 30 seconds, or even faster.


Variables of smooth animation
Variables that can be reused for properties transition-timing-function , give more possibilities in comparison with the built-in ease , ease-in , ease-out and ease-in-out .





    : root {
--ease-in-quad: ...

Custom animation in the mobile application

Custom animation in the mobile application
The modern mobile audience every year makes ever higher demands on the quality of applications and services. And first of all it concerns the design of interactions and mobile animations.
Every day we exchange messages, use social networks, messengers, and many of these services contain dozens of non-standard thoughtful animations.
Custom (non-standard) animations are a great field for experimentation and application development. What knowledge will the designer need and what problems can await in the development process? Let's look at these questions using the example of the iFunny application.