Do-it-yourself snowflakes in the StarWars style (upd. 2018)

Do-it-yourself snowflakes in the StarWars style (upd. 2018) 3r33333. 3r33333.  
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
And here again the end of the year has come December You think Antonio Herrera decided to please us with new patterns of snowflakes, made in the style of StarWars? And you are absolutely right. Last year, Antonio made just two patterns with 3r315. Porgs 3r316. (by the way, they also entered this year's compilation). 3r33333.  
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Once again about the advantages of "mobile slavery"

 3r3164. 3r3-31.

Release the genie from the bottle 3r310.

3r311. I deliberately covered the name of my favorite mobile operator. Each will easily present their own. And I think that is unlikely to make a mistake.
 3r3164. 3r3-3160. 3r3-3160.
 3r3164. There is a saying: chasing two hares, you will not catch a single one. But I’m probably naturally greedy, I couldn’t reconcile myself with the fact that it’s impossible to catch two birds with one stone, and therefore I thought of a way to merge two birds with one stone. Too it is not so difficult to catch one hare. But ...[/h]
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Honey, we kill free text content

 3r3304. 3r3-31. Honey, we kill free text content 3r3105. 3r33939.  3r3304. It all started about five years ago, when AdBlock and its various forks appeared on the market. Then he was the lot of a handful of "elite", but information about the wonderful blocker of vile advertising was spread through the fields and villages at the speed of a forest fire, and with the help of this same handful of elite. And at some point, the use of ad blockers has become ubiquitous: any more or less flittered user began rolling AdBlock or its variations on all possible browsers and devices. The next step is blockers for mobile devices. 3r33939.  3r3304...
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