Why does a programmer have an internship in the kitchen - a conversation with “Dodo Pizza” about gems, .NET and openness

 3r33855. 3r3-31. Why does a programmer have an internship in the kitchen - a conversation with “Dodo Pizza” about gems, .NET and openness All this was questioned, and we were answered by Alexander Andronov, STO Dodo pizza. 3r33842.  3r33855.
3r33842.  3r33855. 3r3742. Why technology pizzerias
3r33842.  3r33855. 3r33838. - How did Fedor open the pizzeria so quickly after working as an ordinary cashier? 3r33831. 3r33842.  3r33855. 3r33842.  3r33855. - There is nothing difficult. Took and did. It does not need extra preparation and extra money. 3r33842.  3r33855. 3r33842.  3r33855. 3r33838. - But in my opinion it is quite expensive. 3r33831. 3r33842.  3r33855. 3r33842.  3r33855. - It is expensive if you open a pizzeria somewhere ...
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ASP.NET Core 2.2 has been released. What's new? (2 of 3)

December ? came out
ASP.NET Core ???r3r36. It is included in the delivery of .NET Core 2.2. About .NET Core 2.2 i I wrote recently and now you need to open the topic in depth. Let's see what's new for us.
ASP.NET Core 2.2 has been released. What's new? (2 of 3) from the usual place and use both on your development machine and servers. New Windows Server hosting, runtime installers and binary archives for updating servers are available there.
This release is dedicated to updating 3r330. .NET Core
, ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core up to version ???. The new version of the SDK is ???. The following requirements for the Visual Studio version ...
.NET / C#
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Docker Remote API with certificate authentication with revocation checking

Problem Description
For the needs of remote control of Docker, Docker can provide web API.
This API can either not require authentication at all (which is highly discouraged), or use certificate authentication.
The problem is that native certificate authentication does not provide for certificate revocation checking. And this can have serious consequences.
I want to tell how I solved this problem.
Solution of the problem 3r3203.
First you need to say what to say, I will be about Docker for Windows. Maybe Linux is not so bad, but now is not about that.
What we have? We have ...
.NET / C# / DevOps
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Functional thinking. Part 6

3r33630. We continue our series of articles on functional F # programming. Today we will talk about the associativity and composition of functions, as well as compare the composition and the pipeline. Look under the cat!
3r33535.  3r33655. 3r33630. Functional thinking. Part 6 3r33535.  3r33655. 3r3599.  3r33655. 3r3618.
The first part is 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
The second part is 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
Third part 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
3r3338. Fourth part 3r3647.
 3r33655. 3r3618.
The fifth part is 3r3647.

3r33535.  3r33655. 3r33548. Associativity and composition of functions 3r33549. 3r33535.  3r33655...
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Smart home, I still made you

Smart home, I still made you 3r3173. 3r3-31. A smart house, quite a hackneyed topic in our time and in this publication I will not tell you about new technologies, manufacturers and current trends of this topic, everything is written to me once a hundred. I will try to briefly describe the process of creating a smart home (hereinafter UD) without deep technical narratives. If this topic is of interest to readers, I will lay out completely all the listings of programs, MK firmware, diagrams and everything needed to make this miracle the heart of your home. 3r3-33160.  3r3173.
3r3-33160.  3r3173. The main concepts in the development ...
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How to work with exceptions in DDD

 3r33565. 3r3-31. How to work with exceptions in DDD 3r33552.  3r33565. 3r33552.  3r33565. As part of a recently held conference 3–3–37. DotNext 2018
BoF took place on Domain Driven Design. It raised the issue of working with exceptions, which caused a heated debate, but did not get a detailed discussion, since it was not the main topic. 3r33552.  3r33565. 3r33552.  3r33565. Also, studying a variety of resources, ranging from questions on stackoverflow and ending with paid courses on architecture, one can observe that the IT community has developed an ambiguous attitude towards exceptions and how to use them. 3r33552.  3r33565. 3r33552...
.NET / C#
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Designing Types: How to make invalid states ineffable on C #

 3r3-3568. 3r3-31. 3r33553. As a rule, articles telling about type design contain examples in functional languages ​​- Haskell, F # and others. It may seem that this concept does not apply to object-oriented languages, but it is not. 3r33556. 3r? 3551.  3r3-3568. 3r33553. In this article I will translate examples from article Designing types: How to make incorrect states indescribable 3r33555. on 3r311. ideological C #. I will also try to show that this approach is applicable not only as an experiment, but also in the working code. 3r33556. 3r314. 3r33555. 3r? 3551.  3r3-3568. 3r318. We create ...
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SDK to you, SDK to me, SDK to everyone! How to do the SDK and why it is needed

 3r33434. 3r3-31. 3r3406. SDK to you, SDK to me, SDK to everyone! How to do the SDK and why it is needed
3r3404.  3r33434.
It is time to be determined 3r3403. 3r3404.  3r33434. 3r3406. To begin with, we define what an SDK is and why it may be needed. 3r3407. 3r3404.  3r33434.
The SDK (from the English software development kit) is a set of development tools that allow software specialists to create applications for a specific software package, basic software development tools, a hardware platform, a computer system, game consoles, operating systems, and other platforms. The SDK takes advantage of each platform and reduces integration time. 3r3404.  3r33434. 3r3404.  3r33434. The software ...
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Time is fragmentary; a bit about the similarity of distributed systems and weak memory models

 3r33312. 3r3-31. Hello to all! 3r33232.  3r33312. 3r33232.  3r33312. Today we would like to once again touch on the topic of simultaneous and sequential execution in various programs, especially in distributed systems. Back in September, we published an article "3-3336. Synchronicity is a myth 3r-3216." On this topic, and now we are publishing a translation of a more serious study, which we hope will help you better navigate with distributed systems. 3r33232.  3r33312. memory sequencing model. ; it reflects which guarantees the processor does not wish to give you at the assembly execution ...
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The combination of cross-platform and native approach in the development of mobile applications

The combination of cross-platform and native approach in the development of mobile applications 3r33427. 3r3-31. To release applications for only one mobile platform is not relevant and you need to take care of the development of two versions at once, for iOS and Android. And here you can choose two ways: work on “native” programming languages ​​for each operating system or use cross-platform frameworks.
 3r33427. When developing one of the projects in the company DD Planet, I made a bet on the last option. And in this article I will talk about the experience of developing a cross-platform application, the problems we encountered, and the solutions found.
 3r33427. 3r33385...
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