ECMAScript Modules in Node.js: New Plan

The current status of support for ECMAScript modules (ESM) in Node.js is
3r3333317. Experimental support for ESM was added in r3r311. Node.js ???
September 1? 2017.
3r3333317. After that, the Technical Steering Committee of Node.js formed a team responsible for the modules (3r3166. Modules Team
) To help design the missing parts for the upcoming (non-experimental) release. This team consists of people from different branches of web development (frontend, backend, JS engines, etc.).
In October, the Modules Team published 3r3308. "Implementation Plan ...
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Comparing NPM vs Yarn speed

A long time ago, an analogue of npm appeared, Yarn is another client for managing npm packages, which was positioned as a super fast Facebook brand to replace npm.
If you are working on a large project, then the package recovery time is an important factor in the speed of development and the build project of ci.
It was decided to check whether to use Yarn as a replacement for Npm. since there are a lot of packages on weak build agents, recovery can take up to 2 minutes.
Comparing NPM vs Yarn speed
So, the test script is quite simple:
- Parallel launch of two[npm i и yarn inatall]restorations. from the same packages.json.
3r330. Co...[/npm]
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Machine learning with Node.js using the Tensorflow.js

library. 3r3888. 3r3-31. Hello everyone, colleagues! 3r33875.  3r3888. 3r33875.  3r3888. Perhaps the fans of the library Tensorflow, already noticed in our preorder this book is , also looked at the possibilities of machine and deep learning in the browser, especially since the topic was did not ignore and himself Francois Chollet . We invite those interested in the cat section, where it is described how images are recognized using the Tensorflow.js library. 3r33875.  3r3888. 3r314. 3r3645. 3r33875.  3r3888. 3r33875.  3r3888. TensorFlow.js - A new version of the popular open source ...
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Unpleasant errors while writing unit tests

The other day I will be doing an internal report in which I will tell our developers about the unpleasant errors that may occur when writing unit tests. The most unpleasant errors from my point of view are when tests pass, but at the same time they do it so incorrectly that it would be better not pass. And I decided to share examples of such errors with everyone. Surely something else tell me from this area. Examples are written for Node.JS and Mocha, but in general these errors are true for any other ecosystem. 3r3640. 3r33535.  
To make it more interesting, some of them are framed in ...
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Own VPN client on JavaScript. Part 11 - Build an application under Windows

Own VPN client on JavaScript. Part 11 - Build an application under WindowsP.S. Each part is a part; by itself it does not make sense, in order to acquire the necessary context and not experience cognitive dissonance from the lack of so necessary blocks of text, start reading from 3r3357. 1 part 3r3405.  
3r33420. 3r33400.
This time I will build the application with the npm module electron-builder , special thanks to the developers for the convenient Documentation 3r33420. 3r33400. to the module and many examples 3r30000. config settings (none). 3r3405.  
Last time I compiled the npm application with the module. electron-packager ...
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Own VPN client on JavaScript. 10 part - Combining all components

3r3-31. Once all parts of the application have been developed, they can be combined into one great 3r3951. attachment.
Own VPN client on JavaScript. 10 part - Combining all components
2 part - Development 3r3393955.
Part 3 - OpenVPN component 3r3393955.
3r32424. Part 4 - Configs component

3r33939. Part 5 - Vpn component
3r33932. Part 6 - Notify Component
3r33636. Part 7 - Context component
3r340940. Part 8 - Setting component
3r33944. Part 9 - Callback component
Part 10 - Combining all the components of 3r33955. 3r3951.
3r3954. Part 11 - Building an application for Windows

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DeezLoader + PlexMediaServer. Making a home music portal

DeezLoader + PlexMediaServer. Making a home music portal 3r3333391. 3r3-31. 3r3186. 3r3187. Attention! 3r3188. 3r3189. Do not call to commit
may be illegal in your country.  3r3333391. It is the result of the use of this software!
 3r3333391. 3r3186. 3r3187. Attention! 3r3188. 3r3189. The authors do not call to commit crimes!
 3r3333391. Using this tool may be illegal in your country.
 3r3333391. The authors make no guarantees and are not responsible for any damage or injury of any kind arising from the use of this software!
 3r3333391. As a versatile person, I love a lot of music, with different genres ...
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Own VPN client on JavaScript. Part 2 - Development

 3r3176. 3r3-31. This article is a story rather than a guide to action. But if you still want to develop such an application, remember that you need to have at least the minimum skills 3r3118. web development [/b] and development on 3r3118. Node.JS [/b] , and at least 15 minutes thoughtfully spend on the site with the documentation on 3r3118. Electron [/b] . 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3124. Part 3 - OpenVPN component 3r3157. 3r3162.  3r3176. 3r3162.  3r3176. First you need to download and install: Node.js , 3r3118. Git [/b] and read: ...
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Greedy Dwarf: As I wrote market analytics in Lineage 2

Here comes the autumn-winter season. Outside the window, the rains and the desire to spend time outdoors are less and less. And here comes a message to me from a friend "
And let's play in 3r3135. Lineage 2 3r3r136. 3r?108.?". And again, I succumbed to nostalgia, agreed. We chose a fresh server on our site and created characters.
 3r33333. Greedy Dwarf: As I wrote market analytics in Lineage 2  3r33333.
 3r33333. Unlike World of Warcraft in Lineage 2 is a completely different game currency mining system. Need day and night to hunt monsters in order to obtain profit. For me it was even a discovery that for some people RMT (Real money trading) is something of ...
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DEV Labs 2018. Online MAP for web developers. December 1st

We invite you to the next open online Soft Labs series mint, which this time will be devoted to web development. Mitap will be held on Saturday, December ? from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm Moscow time.
The program has three reports: 3–3–39.
3r314. Vyacheslav Lapin will tell what problems JHipster solves - for what and to whom it may be needed. During the talk, you will be shown how to install and configure JHipster; a simple project will be generated and launched, its structure, additional tools and much more will be considered.
is required to participate in the mitap and access to the videos...
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