R means regression

Statistics recently received a powerful PR support from more new and noisy disciplines -
Machine Learning
Big Data
. Those who seek to saddle this wave will be friends with
regression equations
. It is advisable to not only learn 2-3 examiners and pass the exam, but also be able to solve problems from everyday life: find the relationship between the variables, and ideally - be able to distinguish the signal from noise.
R means regression
For this purpose, we will use the programming language and development environment
, which can not be better adapted to such problems. At the same time, let's check what the rating ...

Validation of rows with validate.it.js

Validation of rows with validate.it.jsIf you recall all the TK with descriptions of field validation - they always looked like this:
must not be shorter than 6 characters
must not exceed 12 characters
It should include only Latin characters, numbers and an underscore
Requirements often come in a set of simple single-valued phrases. And we programmers translate these requirements into code.
You can turn them into one ultimatum regular expression, like
const validateLogin = login => /^[a-zA-z_d]{?12} $ /. Test (login);

But better than write more simple functions that are easier to read and bind to direct TK:


Platform CUBA: Roadmap 2018

As I promised in the last post , I am pleased to present the plan for the development of the Platform for this year. This is a strategic plan, in which we have included only major changes, but there will certainly be hundreds of minor improvements.
Disclaimer: This plan is not a dogma, and we will certainly implement something beyond it, but something we will postpone. However, in general, we are going to adhere to this plan, and we suggest that the development community on the CUBA Platform also focus on it.
Teaser: CUBA Studio will be built into IntelliJ IDEA!
So, let's go!
Platform CUBA: Roadmap 2018 ...

Java and Project Reactor

Java and Project Reactor
Hello! My name is Lyokha, and I work as a backend developer in FunCorp. Today we will talk about reactive programming, the Reactor library and a little about the web.
Reactive programming is often "exposed", but if you (like the author of the article) still do not know what it is - sit back, try to figure it out together.
these are your manifestos with details of , but worth it.
And here is the web?
There are rumors that if you build your system reactively, according to all the canons of Reactive Manifesto, starting with the HTTP server and ending with the database driver, you can call the second ...

Why GitHub does not help hire a

Why GitHub does not help hire adeveloper.One of my current projects is connected with the collection of data from GitHub-profiles of developers. GitHub profiles are difficult to use as a data source, so I want to immediately list the problems when I try to rate the developer only by its contribution to GitHub.  One common mistake is an employer's attempt to filter out candidates according to GitHub profiles. Many people still think that you can evaluate the developer's abilities by looking at his contribution to open source projects. For example, in the last list of vacancies on Hacker News heap with request ...

Lessons that can be learned from the LLVM /Clang

Lessons that can be learned from the LLVM /Clangcode base. From the translator: in the article I bring to your attention, the authors examined the LLVM /Clang code base using the CppDepend code analysis tool, which allows calculating various code metrics and analyzing large projects in order to improve the quality of the code.   Time has proven that Clang is the same mature C and C ++ compiler as GCC and the compiler from Nicrosoft, but what makes it special is that it's not just a compiler. This is the infrastructure for creating tools. Due to the fact that its architecture is based on the use of libraries, the reuse and integration of functionality ...

The Power of Open: The power of openness

The Power of Open: The power of openness


The world experienced an explosion of openness. Starting with individual artists showing their creations in anticipation of contributions from other people, ending with governments that require that publicly funded works be accessible to the public. Both the spirit and the practice of joint use are gaining momentum and yielding results.
Creative Commons began to grant licenses for open exchange only ten years ago. Currently, more than 400 million CC licenses are available on the Internet: from music and photos to research results and whole college courses. Creative Commons has ...[/h]

Writing a Telegram bot for Habrahabr

Writing a Telegram bot for HabrahabrIn this article, I want to talk about how the writing of the Telegram bot was done, which could send articles to Habrahabr, first to Python, and then to Go, and what came of it.
was used. pyTelegramBotAPI , for parseing RSS-feeds - feedparser
In the process of working, the structure became much more complicated: now the bot not only sent new articles, but also could filter out those articles that did not contain tags to which the user was subscribed. The implementation was very simple: the SQLite database was used, in which there were only 2 columns (id and tags), good, Python3 had ...

Experience of developing a non-commercial project by junior

Good time of day, habrahabr!
Let me tell you a little story, how we with the partner developed the non-commercial project by the forces of juniors.
This idea, for someone crazy, visited us when we realized that we are generating much more ideas for projects than we can realize in our free time. Therefore, we decided quite optimistically that if we take 2-3x juniors, conduct them a code review, then we will be able to effectively implement our new idea.
Experience of developing a non-commercial project by junior
Initially, we offered beginner developers a 3 month internship, within which they are working on a non-commercial project, the source code ...

GitLab 10.5 was released: integration with Let's Encrypt, Gemnasium dependency checking and external CI /CD

GitLab 10.5 was released: integration with Let's Encrypt, Gemnasium dependency checking and external CI /CDfiles. In GitLab 10.? we added the ability to easily encrypt GitLab traffic and scaling pipeline management, improve application security, and much more.  gt; & lt; /RTI & gt; integration with Let's Encrypt - an automated, free and publicly available certification authority. Now you can receive SSL certificates instantly with one option. Connecting Let's Encrypt for your instance GitLab guarantees encryption of traffic and confirmation of the identification of your site. Integration with Let's Encrypt is available in both paid and free GitLab versions. Scaling of conveyor control In this ...