A little bit of backstage VK

On the eve of the Siberian HighLoad ++, we talked with one of our speakers - Yuri Nasretdinov, asking him if he works well in VKontakte, while opening the veil of secrecy over the internal kitchen of the social network.
A little bit of backstage VK  
Within the framework of the conference itself, Yuri will talk about how the social network inserts data into ClickHouse from tens of thousands of servers, which in the current conversation we touched only casually.
his report on the Siberian HighLoad ++ on June 25-26. Also, you probably will be interested in ...
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Computer vision and machine learning in PHP using the library opencv

Computer vision and machine learning in PHP using the library opencvHello. This is my jubilee article on the habr. For almost 7 years I wrote 10 articles (including this one), 8 of them - technical. The total number of views of all articles is about half a million.
I made the main contribution to two hubs: PHP and Server Administration. I like to work at the junction of these two areas, but the scope of my interests is much broader.
Like many developers, I often use the results of someone else's work (articles on the habr, code on the githaba, ), so I'm always glad to share with the community my results in response. Writing articles is not only a return of ...
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Shopkeeper 4.0 - Online store on Symfony + Angular + MongoDB

Shopkeeper 4.0 - Online store on Symfony + Angular + MongoDB  


A little background. The first version of Shopkeeper was released in 2009. Then it was a module for CMS MODX , or rather for its first branch, which is now called Evolution. At that time MODX had only one such module, but its quality did not suit me, so I decided to write my own. Plus, I needed some kind of project to increase my experience in programming in PHP. Because there was almost no competition, my component became the most popular for that version of MODX.
???-pl3 - The latest version of Shopkeeper from the ...[/h]
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How did I generate the XML-statform for the customs and the union of the FCS with the tax

How did I generate the XML-statform for the customs and the union of the FCS with the taxIt all started when it came. Mysterious letter from Vladimir (?!) customs. Inside, there was a demand to provide statistical data on trade with Belarus and Kazakhstan for the whole of last year. And the reference to the decree of the sovereign, as it should be.

"For if you trade with the countries of the customs union, you should keep the answer. To whom, where, what sold out. All without a secret, write and especially the GTD number do not forget. The eye of the sovereign is not a drowsy eye. Systems electronic dogs iron for you, negligent, now follow the set, so do not be cunning. Put the ...
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PHP Digest No. 132 (May 27 - June 1? 2018)

PHP Digest No. 132 (May 27 - June 1? 2018)

A fresh selection with links to news and materials. In the release: PHP ??? alpha ? Yii 3.0 alpha 1 and other releases, a fresh book on asynchronous PHP, video reports, a handful of useful tools, and much more.
Enjoy reading!
PHP ??? alpha 1 - The first alpha version of the new PHP branch is available for testing. Started semi-annual testing cycle , the final release is expected in late November.
Among the changes:
• Improvements to Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax RFC
• The json_encode () and json_decode ...
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Doctrine, autoCommit, nested transactions - non-obvious nuances

The name of the autoCommit option may give the impression that at autoCommit = true commit is called automatically, and at autoCommit = false it must be called by hand, but it is not.
autoCommit = false
In this mode, new transactions start automatically (the first one at the connection, then when you call commit /rollback), that is, all requests are always executed inside the transaction, you must manually call commit /rollback to complete them.
autoCommit = true (the default value)
In this mode, transactions do not start automatically, they must be started by calling ...
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A simple explanation of the principles of SOLID

A simple explanation of the principles of SOLID  
The SOLID principles are a programming standard that all developers need to understand well in order to avoid creating a bad architecture. This standard is widely used in OOP. If you apply it correctly, it makes the code more extensible, logical, and readable. When a developer creates an application based on poor architecture, the code turns out to be inflexible, even small changes in it can lead to bugs. Therefore, you must follow the principles of SOLID.
It takes some time to master them, but if you write the code in accordance with these principles, its quality will improve, and you will master ...
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Adobe bought Magento for $ ??? billion

Today Adobe announced that buys Magento for ??? billion dollars .
This purchase will give Adobe the missing part of the e-commerce platform, which works in the B2B and B2C segments and must perfectly fit into the company's cloud stack.
This should also help Adobe compete with Salesforce, which offers its cloud platform and which is bought Demandware for more than $ 2 billion in 2016 to offer a similar functionality.
cloud platform Adobe . "Now they have a tool ...
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Google Cloud Storage with PHP: saving files with public access

Google Cloud Storage with PHP: saving files with public accessDue to the fact that the previous service with which I stored the images covered by a copper basin (most likely because it was not profitable), I had to look for other options for storing images. The server I use is budget and I would not like to pay a decent price for an additional 10 GB of disk space. Studying the market, I came across Google Cloud Storage ( CSS ) And decided that this product would work for me (well, at least you can test it). In runet (and not only in it) little attention is paid to setting GCS using PHP, so I decided to do my bit in this direction.
In this article...
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How to make changes to the core of Magento?

We will show, we will tell, in Moscow.
I invite you on Saturday 26 May at 3-3336. Code Contribution Day: Together with Venice
All, improve life around the world, who would like to throw their 5 kopecks into the core of Magento.
Or something that I would very much like for my native lands.
"And how best to do? " - questions on which you can get answers.
Colleagues from Adobe have already identified themselves in Slacke.
Connect to Colleagues from Venice Meet Magento Italy.
Together with the team of Magento Community Engineering, all developers will have the opportunity to participate ...
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