Week of feedback in Crossover

If you had to get a job through the HR department, here are some standard phrases that you get after a week of silence and a couple of letters and calls to the responsible persons from the organization of interest: "we found a more suitable candidate", "you do not fit us" "This vacancy is already closed", "* illegible mooing *". No matter how much they say that a neutral answer is "care" about a candidate, it's all about resources, and instead of ephemeral care, a person gets a jump in blood pressure and a feeling that the N-hours were wasted.
Week of feedback in Crossover ...
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11 circles of hell for those who do not have enough experience on the new work

11 circles of hell for those who do not have enough experience on the new work
Eugene Smith, "The Country Doctor" (1948).
Did you ever get into a situation where you opened a new milestone in your professional life (for example, you got a job for a dream), but realized that you are sorely lacking in experience, and the position requires quite concrete and successful results? Yes, for me.
Already only lazy from among all kinds of coaches and labor market experts did not blast that the share of our generation has had an unusual fate: soon the repeated change of activity in life will become the norm. The pier, the world around is changing so quickly, and the technology in ...
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Easier than it seems. Chapters 6-7


"No, my friends, it's not going to work!" You feed me tales for a year! Year! And the situation is only aggravated! 27% of deviations, almost a third of the warehouse does not correspond to accounting!
Kurchatov was in a rage, which was rare - he was surprisingly optimistic, educated and, as it seemed to Sergei, intelligent for the business owner. The previously seen owners of much smaller companies were not more prosaic.
- Do you understand what these deviations mean for me? It's money, millions, about which I do not know anything! So, you, Anatoly Pavlovich, do you know how much ...[/h]
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Easier than it seems. Chapters 4-5

The beginning is here .


"Have you done the accounting task?" Report. You promised to finish today.
"I'll finish it today, the whole day ahead." Do not worry about it, Galina.
- What did you want to talk about?
- About the salary.
- Come on, I'm listening.
"You work for two years, you probably know - what is the salary increase algorithm here?" What should be done specifically to get more? Is the project serious? Or just a task in time to perform? Training to pass, qualification to raise?
- I I Sergey, I'm shocked by your impudence.
- In terms of? I'm ...[/h]
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About the IT market in Russia honestly

In the last few years, my worries about the Russian IT market have only intensified. It all started with the ruble crisis of 2014 (and maybe even earlier), and since then I have not lost the feeling that many Russian companies, especially provincial ones, have blindfolded their ears and are still trying to pretend that nothing is happening . I talked a lot with different companies, with HR, with developers, and compiled a list of disappointing theses about what the program market is like and the culture of development as a whole, because these are interrelated things. According to my subjective ...
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Twice in one river or (He) a lot about professional burnout

Twice in one river or (He) a lot about professional burnoutSabbatical is a paid or partially paid long vacation lasting from three months to a year (or more) with guaranteed preservation of the place for the employee. From English "sabbatical" is literally translated as "stop doing something".
- Sasha, obviously, the work does not bring you pleasure, - Slava pronounced uncontested things. The fourth week instead of work, I raced to the next children's football tournament. When you have three children, you can take their hobbies 120% of their time. "I have an offer for you." Let's send you on vacation for a year? I will close the business for this time...
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About thorns and stars on the way of optimization of development processes

Dreams, dreams

On a cold autumn evenings, we with the developers of 3D visualization applications were gathering in the kitchen drinking coffee and thinking about it about the reference development organization.
- I have friends on agile work: sprints, story points, all matters
- Yes, we would at least have a review
About thorns and stars on the way of optimization of development processes

The fact is that in those times, with us it was not very smooth. For example, the storage of projects in git was very unusual:
there were several repositories and in each one there was some piece of the project;
some repositories were common, some related only ...[/h]
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Do the guys from Silicon Valley use meritocracy? Realization of the principle of equality or only the idea of ​​Jeff Bezos

Do the guys from Silicon Valley use meritocracy? Realization of the principle of equality or only the idea of ​​Jeff Bezos A large number of Silicon Valley companies use the basics of meritocracy to manage employees and business processes. What is meritocracy? This term was introduced by Michael Young in 1958. In his satirical essay he describes the world of the future, in which leading positions are occupied by the most intellectually developed people. Nothing good ends, and another revolution comes. However, the idea with the power of "the most capable" people touched the hearts and minds of many businessmen. It is clear that initially the author emphasized that one intelligence for management is not enough and this leads to even ...
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And at this time

- No, it will not work! - almost screamed furious Anatoly Viktorovich. - I do not understand what I pay for - note, not small - money! What are the best programmers? Are they special?
- They have a high creative component in the work, as I understand it. - Tatiana Vladimirovna could calmly say. - Therefore, it is difficult to measure their work, as a process.
"By these fairy tales, I'm already fed up, about the mystery of creative professions!" Thank God, we still do not have designers
Engineers-designers are also constantly referring to creativity.
- Elena Anatolyevna, you, as HR, what can ...
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And we also have a giraffe

And we also have a giraffe  
Not so long ago, I moved from the Parallels team to Rambler Group. Until then, the company I had associated exclusively with the history of the first Russian search engine, entertainment portal and mail service of my wife. In fact, everything turned out to be much larger. Under the cut the first impressions of life from the inside. Flow "And one of the first Russian Internet services for price comparison and selection of goods Price.ru .
Employees ...
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