On the "expiration dates" of the employee

The other day a friend asked me to take a fresh look at his resume. As it turned out, his current job was his first and only job, and he worked on it for almost 14 years. IT company, medium management. In the summary, he indicated only his last position and it seemed that all these 14 years the man worked in one position I recommended him to paint his vertical-horizontal growth, and she thought about the stories of employees with 10+ years of experience. We will look at them from two perspectives: from the side of the company and from the side of the employee.
On the "expiration dates" of the employee ...

Management introverts introverted experience or leadership technical teams

First of all about the author - I worked in IT for more than 20 years in three companies: EMC, IBM, Sun (in alphabetical order). He started as a system engineer right after the university, then he was a senior engineer, technical consultant, head of technical consultants and, finally, a technical director who ran a team of presale and architects for more than 70 people. In addition, for a year I was the leader of Channel Sales Leader, distributed throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Below I will try to share my experience exactly as a leader and, so that there are no wrong or wrong associations...

SOC are people. Downloading the EXPO or how to become an analyst at 20 level

SOC are people. Downloading the EXPO or how to become an analyst at 20 levelIn the previous article it was about finding and training engineers for the first line of the monitoring and response center for cyberattacks. Today we will talk about the search and training of personnel for the second line - analysts who investigate atypical incidents and work with the content of the SIEM system, as well as engineers for the operation of the GIS, responsible for configuring the protection, attack analysis and development of custom signatures.
If we ask what requirements we are applying to the candidates, the answer may seem very trivial: certain technical competencies...

Recruitment: we play, getting to the goal

Recruitment: we play, getting to the goal How often is it that you are wondering - how to understand whether a new candidate will succeed in the job with the work entrusted to him? Those who, by virtue of their profession, are engaged in the selection of personnel, face this question every time and almost in time mistaken in their initial conclusions. Not for nothing to date, the personnel question is considered one of the most difficult and selection of personnel is almost the first in the degree of complexity.
When I talked with employers, I understood how difficult it was for them to make a decision about how to select the best. It's like predicting ...

How to earn the hatred of the performers

About the feedback that causes the desire to kill
Hi, I'm a business analyst and often watch the managers whom everyone hates. Today I will tell you how to convert employees to enemies with maximum efficiency.
How to earn the hatred of the performers  

1. "It's unprofessional

"Without TK" .
4. If you have TK, then refer to it, so that everything was strictly on business, as agreed.
5. TZ - a curve? So explain it! "High Definition TK" help you.
6. With due diligence and a sufficient number of iterations, you, sooner or later, will get what was ordered in the TOR. One eye is worth looking ...[/h]

Why GitHub does not help hire a

Why GitHub does not help hire adeveloper.One of my current projects is connected with the collection of data from GitHub-profiles of developers. GitHub profiles are difficult to use as a data source, so I want to immediately list the problems when I try to rate the developer only by its contribution to GitHub.  One common mistake is an employer's attempt to filter out candidates according to GitHub profiles. Many people still think that you can evaluate the developer's abilities by looking at his contribution to open source projects. For example, in the last list of vacancies on Hacker News heap with request ...

SOC are people. How to assemble the team in conditions of staff hunger

SOC are people. How to assemble the team in conditions of staff hungerThey say that in the 70s Gennady Zaitsev, the first president of the legendary Leningrad rock club, so formulated the principle of selecting musicians: "The fluency of the fingers is a matter of time. There would be a good man. " .
Perhaps, if Gennady Borisovich and I decided, after a glass of something hot to complain about each other's difficulties in the selection of cadres, we would find many common points. When we assembled the first Solar JSOC team, there was practically no market for monitoring and countering cyber attacks, therefore, there were no ready experts for these tasks...

Managers need to wake up

Managers need to wake up  

"Do not you have a cycle that you can write?"

My most popular article is called "Why does your programmer just want to encode" . By now, it has been read more than 6?000 times.
The article tells about the programmer Jamie, who came to the company overflowing with enthusiasm and ideas. After a couple of years - and Jamie became one of those who "just want to code." One of those who does not offer new ideas, new ways of working - but only wants to be left alone, just write code.
[h4] Unfortunately, I received almost no response from managers or managers about this story. ...[/h]

Why I left Google and started working for myself

Why I left Google and started working for myselfThe last four years I worked as a software developer at Google, but on February 1 I quit because they did not give me a Christmas present.
Just kidding, it's actually a little more complicated.

The first two years

The first two years I loved Google.
When I was asked at the annual survey of employees if I saw myself in Google in five years, I answered "of course, without options."
Well of course I will be in Google in five years. I am surrounded by the best engineers in the world, I use the most advanced development tools in the world and eat the most free food in the ...[/h]

Crib for technical interview

Crib for technical interview
This cheat sheet will help you prepare for a technical interview so you can brush up on key things. In fact, this is the content of the course on computer science without any details.
tuples from set theory.
The array is one of the oldest and most used data structures.
What you need to know:
The array is optimal for indexing; It's bad for searching, inserting and deleting (if you do not do this at the very end of the array).
The main variety is
linear arrays
, or one-dimensional.
Their size is static, that is, when a linear array is declared, a fixed size is set.
Dynamic arrays
are ...