3r3-31. Hello! 3r3115.  
Our course "jаvascript Developer" On the whole, it is dedicated to the front and the tools for it, but, as it turned out, not everyone has an idea of ​​what lies behind the phrase front-end design. We found some interesting material where the author is trying to explain what is behind this. 3r3115.  
Go. 3r3115.  
Frontend-design 3r3115.  
Somewhere between design - the world of people, pixels and polishing - and engineering - the world of logic, cycles and Linux - lies the frontend design. Frontend-design includes working with HTML, CSS, and presentation ...
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We invite you to hackathon JETHACK

We invite you to hackathon JETHACK  3r3105.
 3r3105. Friends, we invite everyone to the JETHACK hackath, which will be held on October 20-21. It will be necessary to solve the problem by the ratio of the point cloud of the specified 3D model so that the output will be a program that will allow you to look for inconsistencies between the architectural plan and the finished object.
 3r3105. To participate in the hackathon, you need to assemble a team of 2-4 people. If you think that you can solve the problem yourself, you can register without a command There are no restrictions on programming languages! We'll be coding the whole ...
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JavaScript timers: all you need to know

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GitHub announced its own CI /CD and began distributing invitations

GitHub announced its own CI /CD and began distributing invitations On the last GitHub Universe, the company announced a lot of things, but most of all I was hooked by my own CI /CD solution. Based on Docker, it can collect and execute containers by pushing into the repository, the appearance of a new ticket, the creation of a release. here You can apply for participation in the public beta, Microsoft will issue invites in small batches. Under the cut - my speculation than such a thing can be useful to us with live GitLab and CircleCI.
In 3r315. announcement
An interesting phrase was heard on TechCrunch:
I see CI /CD as one narrow use case of actions...
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Static analysis of PHP code on the example of PHPStan, Phan and Psalm

3r3-31. Static analysis of PHP code on the example of PHPStan, Phan and Psalm  
Badoo has been around for over 12 years. We have a lot of PHP code (millions of lines) and probably even lines written 12 years ago have been preserved. We have code written back in the days of PHP 4 and PHP 5. We post the code twice a day, and each layout contains about 10-20 tasks. In addition, programmers can post urgent patches — small changes. And on the day of such patches we have a couple dozen. In general, our code is changing very actively.
We are constantly looking for opportunities to both speed development and improve the quality of the code. And once we decided to implement ...
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Conference BLACK HAT USA. A botnet of a million browsers. Part 2

Conference BLACK HAT USA. A botnet of a million browsers. Part 2 3r33434. 3r3-31. Conference BLACK HAT USA. A botnet of a million browsers. Part 1 3r3402.  3r33434. 3r3402.  3r33434. 3r3406. Matt Johanson: [/b] Now I will show you how to enter this code. There are many ad networks, but we chose this one because it allows us to do what we want. 3r3402.  3r33434. 3r3402.  3r33434. 3r314. 3r3402.  3r33434. 3r3402.  3r33434. You can choose a banner image of a sufficiently large size, paste it here and assign it a URL, so that after clicking on the banner the user will go to the desired site. The owners of this ad network provide the option of HTML jаvascript...
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Low Level Brainfuck. Continuing

Low Level Brainfuck. Continuing Movement I 3r33635.  3r3644. Movement II 3r33635.  3r3644. Part III 3r33635.  3r3644. 3r33635.  3r3644. We write brainfuck on TurboAssembler'e. 3r33635.  3r3644. 3r33635.  3r3644. Add the output of the array. data_arr ("Tape" Turing machines) on the screen. 3r33635.  3r3644. We write a program that displays the elements of an arbitrary array by means of the function 09h of the interrupt 21h. 3r33635.  3r3644.
3r33510. .model tiny; ascii-decoder.asm
data_arr DB ?????????????? '$'; data 3r3644. 3r3644. .code 3r3644. ORG 100h
; Prepare all the necessary r3r3644...
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Automate Google BigQuery data import with Google Cloud Functions

 3r33333. 3r3-31. We are constantly working with Google BigQuery - importing data about users, their orders and advertising costs from various sources in order to be able to combine them with each other. What does this give us? For example, if you have an online store and a customer places an order by phone, and then logs into the site, then using Google BigQuery, you can link all of his actions backdating. You can track the client’s entire journey through the marketing funnel - from the first hit on the site to buying at the brick and mortar store, and evaluate advertising campaigns taking into ...
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Open lesson "Node.js features overview"

We want to share with you our new open webinar, which was held in the framework of the 3-3-38 course. “jаvascript Developer”
. At the webinar Alexander Korzhikov , the teacher and the creator of the course, told and demonstrated with examples the internal structure of the platform, its environment, embedded modules and basic concepts that are used in the development of applications.
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The Magnificent Five: must have tools to speed development

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