How to maintain healthy communication habits of remote teams

3r3174. Note trans. : This article is written by Taurie Davis, a designer from GitLab who likes to “identify problems, create reliable solutions and create intuitive interfaces.” It provides simple tips on how to improve communication, not only in remote teams, but also in our daily life. Even if they seem obvious, their value manifests itself when we do not forget to constantly use them, forming a useful and advantageous habit for all. 3r3179. 3r3190.  
3r3174. In our company ("Flant"), we regularly conduct a performance review for all engineers (and not only) and are constantly ...
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6 typical problems in implementing a project management solution

6 typical problems in implementing a project management solutionThere are two key reasons why companies usually decide on the implementation of a project management service. The first is that a properly selected service can solve a number of current problems, as well as future ones, related to the growth of the company. The second reason is improving the efficiency of business processes in general. Of course, these reasons are not mutually exclusive - companies often implement a solution to achieve all goals at once.
When an organization makes a decision about implementation, similar patterns are always observed, for example, the pronounced enthusiasm of ...
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Electronics design. A winning technology startup strategy. Part I

3r3304. The topic was too wide to fit into one article. I bring to your attention the introductory part. It will deal with actions that it is desirable to take before writing a technical task for development in order to significantly reduce the risks of failure. 3r3305. 3r3302.  
Electronics design. A winning technology startup strategy. Part I 3r3302.  
The world entered the era of "smart things", which generated interest in technology start-ups, which only grows year by year. At the COP, they beat record-breaking fees, even though not everyone is able to adequately fulfill their obligations. For a dozen years old attempts to work as a magician embodying ...
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Video of Product Management Meetup

 3r3143. 3r3-31. Video of Product Management Meetup  3r3143.
 3r3143. November 1? we spent in the office of Product Management Meetup. We talked about
 3r3143. product analytics, scrum, ways of elegant monetization and design department.
 3r3143. Under the cut - share videos and presentations of the speakers.
 3r3143. Slides
 3r3143. 3r395. “How we started the transition to Scrum. For those who have heard, but shy. " Hasan Islamov Head of Product in Rakhmet
 3r3143. Go to Scrum without training, using books and own practice. Continuous improvement towards Hyde.
3r3104. 3r3105.
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Place of jazz in the IT department

Imagine that you are the head of a small IT department, and the ideal engineers who work for him are
3r376. are engineers 3r311. 3 - 4 levels
3r376. able to independently decide not only 3r318. difficult task
, but also to build a process, it is necessary to solve complex tasks
3r376. disciplined and responsible 3r377.  
3r376. motivated and eager to improve what they touch
3r376. respect and get along with each other
3r376. your department is small, you constantly communicate, discuss and know who lives with what in terms of work at this point in time
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Perform pre-project survey in developing an information system

What happens without a pre-project survey?

In due time, I had to develop and sell systems for drawing up transport routes: points with orders are displayed on the map, you circle them with the mouse and place them in cars. It speaks to us one company with a request to sell the app. Not one month, we tried to find out why they need such a system, as a result they sold them a “box”, they asked for it. Then this company decided to attract us for implementation. And then it turned out that first of all they needed functionality for fuel accounting, which in our system was completely absent from ...[/h]
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Agile is not a development process, but an approach to creating a

Agile is not a development process, but an approach to creating aproduct.At Promsvyazbank, we are actively moving from waterfall-channel teams to ejail products. Somewhere there were a couple of lumps, somewhere you can already change a rake but as a result we have gained a lot of experience related to the Edzhile transformation. In this post we want to share the experience - suddenly you will discover something new.    3r311.  How the idea of ​​the transition to edzyle 3r-3218. Usually an ideologue appears in the company who infects everyone with the Ejile virus, telling about the values ​​of teamwork. Everything will be simple and fast, the result will amaze the ...
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Two worlds or "engineers have something to say." About the various types of complex tasks and processes associated with them

I think the heads of departments of the IT department will agree with me that sometimes it seems that we are on the border of two worlds living according to different laws, in different temporal rhythms, and we have to live in both these worlds. And, if we are broadcasting the “way of life” from top to bottom, from senior managers to engineers, we do it regularly due to our official duties, but in the opposite direction - alas 3r3113.  
Therefore, this post that I, as an engineer, want to say to our dear managers and those who consider their “way of life” as the only true one. ) 3r3113...
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How to organize the work of remote workers: we invite you to a webinar

3r3-31. About 20 years ago, Yahoo offered its employees to switch to a remote work format, thus saving millions of dollars and launching a new trend that gradually spread to the United States and Europe. According to various sources, about 45% of the working population of the United States at least once a week working from home, in the UK, this figure is 62%, in Japan - 32%, and in the EU - 10%. 3r3633.  
3r3365. How to organize the work of remote workers: we invite you to a webinar Source 3r3633.  
3r3365. ...
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As we prepare stores for the new year

 3r3303. 3r3-31. As we prepare stores for the new year  3r3303.
 3r3303. Our new year begins on August 2? and then we gradually prepare for the invasions of crowds of customers in December. December brings us revenue like July 4th.
 3r3303. We already know that if something falls in IT, it will be an ass. Last year, all the box office in the country fell by almost a day on December 2? and it was 3-3-311. Day P 3r3166. . But we were partially ready for all-around and left with minimal losses. In addition to these days, there are still regular breakdowns, overloads in the infrastructure and a lot of fun.
 3r3303. Therefore...
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