A short excursion into GraphQL

Hello, Habr!
A short excursion into GraphQL  
It is a short excursion into the query language GraphQL that will serve you book Alex Banks and Eva Porcello, which we gave in a couple of days ago. The book of the same authors is about React and Redux became a real bestseller (we are waiting for the 5th edition from the printing house). By the way, thanks to all who pointed us to the inaccuracy in the code and terms;) we made the book on such rapidly aging technology unnecessarily fast.
The author of today's article Robin Viruh also works on a book about GraphQL and libraries for this language, and in this article ...
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Using the connect () function from the react-redux package

Using the connect () function from the react-redux packageIn the article, the translation of which we publish today, we will talk about how to create container components in React-applications that are associated with the state of Redux. This material is based on the description of the mechanism of state management in React using the package react-redux . It is assumed that you already have a basic understanding of the architecture and API libraries, of which we will talk. If this is not the case, refer to the documentation on React and Redux .
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The solution to the absence of prevProps in getDerivedStateFromProps is

Hello friends!
So, the developers of the React decided to do our work with their more linear, to send, so to speak, us negligent to the path of the least chance to make a mistake and write bad code, which, in my opinion, is our inalienable right and way to improve and reinvent. We are talking about all the favorite methods of componentWillReceiveProps and others from the same series, they will no longer be, but we will be given an alternative in the form of the static method getDerivedStateFromProps. Personally, it reminds me of a dark room where things are lying, and they need to be found, but ...
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Kivy. Xamarin. React Native. Three frameworks - one experiment (part 3)

Kivy. Xamarin. React Native. Three frameworks - one experiment (part 3)  
The task of comparing frameworks is very ungrateful, the developers have different preferences, the technology changes very quickly. Too fast. This article will become obsolete even before I press the "publish" button.
DevExtreme . But in terms of supporting such a project it's hell and now project Property Cross , represents some historical layer, which causes nostalgia and warm feelings, but hardly brings practical benefit.
If we take only js world, then there is a fairly lively project todomvc , which compares only the js part, without packaging ...
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How to integrate ReactJS into 1C-Bitrix with automatic generation of templates on the back-end on the example of the Globe

How to integrate ReactJS into 1C-Bitrix with automatic generation of templates on the back-end on the example of the Globenetwork.This year, for the first time, the introduction of ReactJS for the online store of the Globus hypermarket network was launched. The project is interesting in that it extends the capabilities of the Bitrix platform and at the same time preserves the ability to generate pages for search engines and does not clutter up with duplication of code and layout. In this article, we talk about how to link Bitrix components with ReactJS components using the v8js module for php and save the main front of the site.   Why was it necessary?  Initially, the logic of the site of the online store was built on the ...
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Basics of Redux (textbook, 2nd edition)

2.5 years have passed since the publication of the first version of a detailed tutorial on the basics of Redux. During this time gitbook counted ???+ unique visitors.
Basics of Redux (textbook, 2nd edition)
Under the cut it is more detailed about the textbook and the list of changes.
here .
Download for offline or read online - legacy.gitbook
Since gitbook may have availability issues, version ??? posted on Yandex.Disk (PDF /ePub /mobi)
What will you learn in the learning process?
Basics of creating a SPA application on React;
Competently prepare the ...
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Serverless and React 2: sleight of hand and no fraud

Serverless and React 2: sleight of hand and no fraudIs it easy to tell the frontend developers about the "cloudless" architecture of Serverless within AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Why not. Let's render the React /Redux application in the AWS architecture, and after that we'll talk about the pros and cons of AWS-lambd.

The material is based on the interpretation of report of Marina Mironovich from our spring conference HolyJS 2018 in St. Petersburg.
told about Serverless on FrontTalks 2017. But it turned out that for a simple and understandable story, 45 minutes ...
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Legend of the Framework of Power.

Legend of the Framework of Power.Recently, the trend is gaining popularity "Disappearing frameworks" , the locomotive of which, no doubt, can be considered SvelteJS - buildtime-framework and compiler in vanilla jаvascript.
Despite the fact that conceptually Svelte is very simple, and in use even easier, many developers are wondering what is the killer-feature of this framework, and the approach as a whole? Why is not this "yet another jаvascript framework"?
In this article, I'll talk about one of the many Svelte super powers that can really make life easier for you.
Let's figure it out, but first I'll tell ...
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As I did the navigation in React Native is not such a terrible

During the development of mobile applications on React Native I tried several standard libraries for navigation, but using each of them I experienced just terrible, hellish pain. They were made so uncomfortably and unobviously that the development of even the simplest seemed to be a feature, turned into an uncommon quest.
Using react-navigation or react-native-router-flux, if you need to make a screen that can be accessed from several different places, it will be very difficult for you to create a hierarchy of nested routs so that everything works as it should. Or if you want some screen to ...
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Special training session from Luxoft

Unique features in Luxoft!
Luxoft has organized a special session of training at discount prices for jаvascript and Full Stack developers who are eager to pump their skills and knowledge and dream of finding the perfect job.
3 unique training on jаvascript, Angular 2 and React.js will start on August 20. Every person who has passed trainings will be able to test their strength and apply their skills in an interview with Luxoft experts, and by results of the interview get into new, interesting and unique projects. ...
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