Taming XBRL: notes of the analyst

Taming XBRL: notes of the analystStarting in 201? the Russian Central Bank (as a regulator) ordered non-credit financial organizations (NFOs), i.e. all enterprises of the financial sector of the economy, except banks, namely insurance, pension funds, prof. participants of the securities market, management companies, report to it in a new format - according to the XBRL specification (and not excel or xml).
The scope of supervisory (statistical) reporting includes information about founders and customers, insurance objects, bonuses and payments, deposits and investments, counterparties, etc. etc. - really hundreds of thousands ...
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Announcement of RamblerFront & # 5

Announcement of RamblerFront & # 5  
June 28 at the Mansard Rambler & Co will be the fifth external RamblerFront & meetup, where our employees and friends will share application knowledge in the field of frontend development.
registration is required . [/b]
We have pizza and tea!
The beginning at ???r3r376.  
Location: Warsaw highway, ? building ? entrance number 5. Mansard Rambler & Co

Be sure to register and take your passport with you so that the security of the business center is missed!
Come, it ...
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As in React get rid of the complexity in managing the state - a report on the trip to React Amsterdam

As in React get rid of the complexity in managing the state - a report on the trip to React AmsterdamIn April, I was lucky to attend a very steep event - React Amsterdam . In addition to pleasant organizational moments, there were also many interesting reports. They were, mainly, applied nature. As the stack of technologies is basically settled, the speakers talked about ways to solve practical problems, rather than promoting something unfamiliar and revolutionary. Here I will tell more about the performance of " setState Machine " Michele Bertoli from Facebook.
The main problem, which was devoted to the report, is the difficulty in managing the state in React.
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Higher-order components using Recompose

Higher-order components using Recompose HOC - too loud a word for a simple functional pattern!
A month ago, the first frontend-mitap was held in Raiffeisenbank, and since I had just prepared a presentation on the topic "High order components with functional patterns using Recompose" in just a couple of days, and I briefly got information about Recompose on the Internet a week before the report, I did not have time to prepare any reference material, and did not even write your contact information at the end of the presentation, which was not very good. And to the question: "Where can we see your slides?" I hesitated and did not ...
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As I migrated the project with Angular 1 on React

I want to share my experience and tools that I used to migrate the project with Angular 1 on React .
I wrote module , with which you can transform the Angular components (controller + template) into React components.
ngReact , but there was no special desire to turn the project into such a monster of Frankenstein. Therefore, it was decided to move the project to React to simplify its development and support.
What was
The main project is
The project on Angular ???? angular-ui-router, angular-ui (modal windows, calendars)
60/40 - Typescript /ES2015 ...
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React v???: Pointer events

The latest minor release adds support for the frequently requested feature-pointer events ( pointer events
Also, it includes fixes for the method. getDerivedStateFromProps . The full list of changes is available below. specification. of the pointer events . (At the time of this writing, such browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.) If your application depends on pointer events, we recommend using a third-party polyphile. It was decided not to include polyphile in React DOM, so as not to increase the size of the final band.

We recommend to see ...

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Spring Mitapas (and one year old) from Alfa-Bank

Spring Mitapas (and one year old) from Alfa-Bank

On Friday, it is customary not only to change passwords on critical items, but also to make plans for the next week. Or at least try to do it.
If you have free time left, we invite you to our spring mitapes:
IBMi-MeetUp: auto-testing on IBMi
React Moscow Meetup 4
Quality communication: pain in testing
MskDotNet Meetup
Details under the cut.
The event page is
List of reports, Alfa-Bank:
"The Orchestra of Autotests"
"Automation of functional testing"
"Using C /C ++ on IBMi"
"Declarative ...
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Apollo graphql client - development of applications on react.js without redux

Immediately utomchayu. Apollo graphql client uses redux under the hood. That is, no one is going to give up redux. Just nothing that is described in the documentation redux to work with Apollo graphql client is not needed. What I would like to talk about in this article is that the binder react + apollo client + graphql significantly (by an order of magnitude) simplifies the development of applications react.
api.graph.cool/simple/v1/ciyz901en4j590185wkmexyex . graphql from the box offers, among other things, a console for executing queries, and it also has integrated documentation. I propose ...
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Understanding the life cycle of the React component

Understanding the life cycle of the React componentReact provides developers with many methods and hooks that are called during the life cycle of the component, they allow us to update the UI and the state of the application. When it is necessary to use each of them, what to do and in what methods, and what is better to refuse, is the key to understanding how to work with React.
by reference .
Although some methods are declared obsolete, their description, in my opinion, will still be useful, even for those developers who work with previous versions of React and in general for understanding instead of what methods and for which new ones ...
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How to make a routing configuration file in React Router 4 (subtitles)

When react-router 4 only appeared, many experienced on two occasions:
How to render the routing in a separate file (configurations)
How to now live without an onEnter hook.
The video from Tyler McGinnis covers the first question.

here .When react-router 4 only appeared, many experienced on two occasions:  How to render the routing in a separate file (configurations) How to now live without an onEnter hook.  The video from Tyler McGinnis covers the first question.  here ...
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