SHOCK! New software for phishing does not win the normal 2FA (two-factor authentication)

Last month, all those who feel like they write that 2FA (two-factor authentication) is in danger because of the quality of the fake pages. Actually, the title of the article parodies one of these posts on Habré. Of course, 2FAs are different. In some "very advanced" European banks, you can still get hold of a sheet of disposable TAN-codes.
 3r33333. But for several years the industry has not stood still, and instead of disposable TAN /PIN codes arriving by SMS or through applications like RSA Token, Steam Guard, Google Authenticator, there are other options.
 3r33333. Here is ...
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Intensive by Kubernetes: on the work of support

 3r3149. 3r3-31. 3r3133. On February 1-? Slurm-3 will be held, intensively by Kubernetes. Announcement and program here.
3r3-33132.  3r3149. 3r3133. Today I will tell you a little about the internal kitchen: how we help students cope with the practice and what comes of it. At the same time, future participants will understand what to expect from support.
3r3-33132.  3r3149. 3r3133. Intensive by Kubernetes: on the work of support 3r3-33132.  3r3149. 3r3133. I myself go through paid courses 2-3 times a year, always take options with practice, and very rarely finish it. For me, the situation looks as if I ordered a kilogram of steak in a restaurant: ...
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Advanced multi-stage build templates

 3r33338. 3r3-31. 3r3333317. Advanced multi-stage build templates
3r33333.  3r33338. 3r3333317. The multistage assembly feature in Dockerfile files allows you to create small images of containers with a higher level of caching and a smaller amount of protection. In this article, I’ll show several advanced templates — something more than copying files between build and execute steps. They allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the function. However, if you are a beginner in the area of ​​multi-stage assembly, then first, probably, it will not be superfluous to read r3r38. 3r3325 usage guide .
3r33333.  3r33338.
Compatible versions ...
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TeamCity 2018.2: GitHub Pull Requests support, secondary server, installation of plug-ins from repository, screenshots in tests

 3r3191. 3r3-31. 3r3176. Hi, Habr! Recently a new version of TeamCity - 2018.2 has been released! JetBrains CI /CD server gets better and more beautiful with each release, and this time is no exception. 3r3179. 3r3174.  3r3191. 3r3176. You can look at the full list of changes in the documentation 3r3164. , and here I will focus on the most juicy features of this release. 3r3179. 3r3174.  3r3191. 3r3176. TeamCity 2018.2: GitHub Pull Requests support, secondary server, installation of plug-ins from repository, screenshots in tests 3r3164. 3r3174.  3r3191.

Building GitHub Pull Requests

3r3174.  3r3191. 3r3176. TeamCity was able to work with pull-requests earlier, but in 2018.2 we added the ability to set up filter ...[/h]
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Performance checks and gradual degradation of distributed systems

 3r33466. 3r3-31. Performance checks and gradual degradation of distributed systems  3r33466.
As always, thanks Fred Hebert and Sargun Dhillon for having read the draft of this article and offered some invaluable advice. 3r311.
In its 3r3r166. speed report 3r3449. 3r318. Tamar Berkovichi
from Box stressed the importance of performance checks during automatic database failover. In particular, she noted that monitoring the runtime of end-to-end queries, as a method for determining database health, is better than simple echo testing (pinging).
switches traffic to another node, thereby eliminating the problem. We had to build in some security ...
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Transferring PBX configuration to 3CX PBX Express service

In this article we will explain how to restore backup copies of existing PBX installations when using 3CX PBX Express. The ability to restore the configuration allows, for example, to move the local server to the cloud, change hosting or restore the PBX in the cloud after a serious local failure. The only requirement when moving the configuration is the option “License data and FQDN name” in the backup must be enabled. 3r3145.  
Before moving your PBX to the PBX Express service, please note the following: and select restore backup. Insert the archive link ...
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Quick setup of storage Aerodisk Engine

Quick setup of storage Aerodisk Engine . Also, the guys got their YouTube 3r3159. channel with training videos for setting up and working with the system. And even before the new year, Aerodisk launched 3r3133. promo program in which you can buy storage at a discount of up to 60%! The offer, in our opinion, is excellent. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. This time Aerodisk provided us with the ENGINE N2 storage system in All-flash configuration for self-study and configuration, and we will share this experience. 3r33333.  3r33333. In the framework of our acquaintance with ENGINE, we will make a cycle of 3 articles:
 3r33333. 3r33333...
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Highly available and scalable Elasticsearch in Kubernetes

Highly available and scalable Elasticsearch in Kubernetes 3r3958.  
In Previous post we scaled the MongoDB replica set and met StatefulSet. We will now orchestrate Elasticsearch high-availability cluster (with other master nodes, data nodes, and client nodes) and use ES-HQ and Kibana. 3r33961. 3r3958.  
You will need:
Basic idea of ​​Elasticsearch, its node types and their roles. 3r33780.  
A working Kubernetes cluster with at least three nodes (at least four cores, 4 GB). 3r33780.  
Ability to work with Kibana. here 3r33766. . 3r33961. 3r3958.  
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mRemoteNG again cake

 3r3197. 3r3-31. mRemoteNG again cake If you are the administrator of several dozen Windows and Linux servers, packs of switches and routers, then without a remote connection manager you can quickly and safely go crazy. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. TL; DR 3r3-33175. . mRemote, the development of which was abandoned long ago, has gained a new life. If you use RDCMan or Remote Desktop free from Devolutions - try mRemoteNG! 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r311. 3r3185. 3r3182.  3r3197. 3r3174. mRemote [/b] - In the past, a very popular remote connection manager. Unfortunately, its development was abandoned around 2009. Flaws in the interface...
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High availability of MySQL in GitHub

High availability of MySQL in GitHub3r33762. GitHub uses MySQL as the main data repository for everything that is not related to r3r3748. git therefore, the availability of MySQL is key to the normal operation of GitHub. The site itself, the GitHub API, the authentication system and many other features require access to databases. We use several MySQL clusters to handle various services and tasks. They are set up according to the classical scheme with one
writable node and its replicas.
(the remaining nodes of the cluster) asynchronously reproduce the changes of the main node and provide read access.
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