“Pascal and even more so Basic is definitely not needed”: interviews with coaches in sports programming

 3r3501. 3r3-31. This year VKontakte, with the support of Promsvyazbank, launched a scholarship program 3r-32r. VK Fellowship
for teachers of computer science. Together, we selected 15 teachers from the regions of Russia: the creators of original programming courses, school teachers, directors of advanced education centers, trainers who prepare students for international programming competitions. They received scholarships from VKontakte and Promsvyazbank and now participate in our outbound schools.
 3r3501. “Pascal and even more so Basic is definitely not needed”: interviews with coaches in sports programming ...
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A list of healthy IT's, or how not to ruin your life

It was evening, there was nothing to do, and my back hurt. And wrote I'm on habre.
And habrovchane opened up in the comments and told me that someone has a pain and how to cope with it.
Seriously, I did not expect how much the topic literally hurts, how many people responded and thanked, but the most important thing is how conscious the audience of the habr is!
All this prompted me to go into the topic with my head.
The topic of modern health is not as acute. We cripple ourselves by sitting at a computer.
Think, it does not allow you to be energetic and happy, it hinders ...
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Algorithmic tasks in the frontend. Examples and competition Yandex

Yesterday a new Yandex Blitz was launched - this time the competition will be of interest to interface developers. Holders of places from first to fifth, we will offer to get us in a simplified scheme: one section of the interview instead of four. Thus, Blitz remains the fastest way to get into Yandex. 3r373.  3r380. 3r373.  3r380. The tasks of the competition are again close to the combat production tasks - you will need not only the skills of the front-end, but also the knowledge of the algorithms. Register here , to have time to take part in the qualifying round. 3r373.  3r380...
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