React Training Course, Part 2: Functional Components

React Training Course, Part 2: Functional Components 3r33411. 3r3-31. In one of our previous r3r32. materials 3r33399. we asked you a question about whether it is advisable to do on the basis of of this course on React a series of traditional publications. You supported our idea. Therefore, today we present to your attention the continuation of the course. Here we talk about the functional components. 3r33393.  3r33411. 3r33393.  3r33411. 3r311. 3r33399. 3r33393.  3r33411.
3r33399. 3r33393.  3r33411.

Lesson 6: Functional Components

3r33393.  3r33411. →
3r33393.  3r33411. 3r33393.  3r33411. At the previous practical ...[/h]
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How paid CMS helps save on ordering SEO

How paid CMS helps save on ordering SEO 
3r3-31. In this article I will talk about why we offer our customers who have ordered the development of the site to create it on a paid CMS. And at the same time I will reveal the logic of CMS participation in the formation of the total cost of search engine promotion.
Initially, I wanted to describe specific products, make something like a pivot table, reveal the average score of “preference for SEO” But while I studied the question I found out that the fundamental difference is only between paid and free products, and within these two large groups the differences are no longer so significant.
In ad...
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About the advantages of embedding CSS in JS

3r3365. This post is a detailed answer to the questions from this conversation on twitter . The original author, Sunil Pie, is the author of the relatively popular library. glamor and works as a developer on Facebook. 3r366.
How is jаvascript more convenient than CSS? How does writing CSS inside JS make it more supported?
I would be happy to talk on this topic. I’ll say right away that CSS-in-JS solutions have overhead, but usually this price is justified by the advantages they bring. Sometimes they can be useful, but it also does not mean that CSS-in-JS should be ...
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An overview of five HTTP libraries for web development

One of the most important tasks that a programmer has to solve when developing web projects is the organization of data exchange between client and server parts of such projects. It may look like this: the user presses a button on a page that is open in the browser, the system responds to a request to the server, after which the server sends the page the requested data. In order to display such data on the page, without reloading it, they are processed, after which the page is updated and the user gets what he needs. 3r33338.  
An overview of five HTTP libraries for web development ...
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Another list of projects on what to practice

“The master makes more mistakes than the novice tries” 3r-3280. 3r33333.  
The last 3r310. list of training projects
scored 50k readings and 600 favorites. Here is another list of interesting projects for practice, for those who want supplements. 3r33333.  
[h3] 1. A text editor 3r33286. 3r33333.  
Another list of projects on what to practice 3r33333.  
The purpose of a text editor is to reduce the efforts of users trying to convert their formatting as valid HTML markup. A good text editor allows users to format text in different ways. 3r33333.  
At some point, everyone used a text editor. So why not ...[/h]
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The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018)

 3r3618. 3r3-31. We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3-3593. The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018) 3r3334. Media [/b] | 3r3334. Web development [/b] | 3r3334. CSS [/b] | 3r3334. jаvascript [/b] | 3r3334. Browsers [/b] | 3r3334. Entertaining [/b] 3r3601.  3r3618.
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
Media 3r36262. 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Podcast "Frontend Weekend" ...
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Small but harmful UI online store. How to spoil the reputation of all the products on the site at once?

Imagine that you are in the online store. In the book. Choose a book as a gift. You yourself have not read it, so you have to rely on the opinion of other buyers. Go to the page, you want to see the reviews and see just such a scale. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. Small but harmful UI online store. How to spoil the reputation of all the products on the site at once? 3r318. Most readers of our telegram channel are not. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. Would you buy? 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. Most readers of our channel - yes. But a quarter of those who voted would still refuse. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. 3r3142.  3r3151. The second book has seven positive ...
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Why do React elements have $$ typeof property?

Why do React elements have $$ typeof property?3r33333. You might think that you are writing jsx: 3r3304. 3r33232.  3r33333.

3r33232.  3r33333. 3r33333. But actually, you call the function:
3r33232.  3r33333.
React.createElement (
/* Type * /'marquee',
/* Props * /{bgcolor: '# ffa7c4'},
/* Children * /'hi' 3rr3311.)

3r33232.  3r33333. 3r33333. And this function returns the object to you. We call this object React element. He tells React what to do next. Your components return a tree of them. 3r3304.
3r33232.  3r33333.
type: 'marquee',
props: {
bgcolor: '# ffa7c4',
children: 'hi',
key: null,
ref: null,
$$ typeof: Symbol.for ...
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PHP class for outputting color text to the console

PHP class for outputting color text to the console 3r33338. 3r3-31.
I made for myself a script for the site deployment for production. For what it was necessary to display what is happening on the screen. And to make it clearer decided to display in color. However, I could not find something suitable. Maximum library output color text, but did not support indents. Therefore, I made my own library for this. Perhaps someone will be useful. A small (but functional) library for outputting colored text to the console with indentation support in this form
Console :: ident (2) -> color ('brown') -> bgcolor ('magenta') -> writeln ('Hello Habr!'); ...
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Keep the keys separate from the

locks. 3r3-31. I am starting a small series of articles about obvious solutions, which for some reason are often ignored by developers, although they are on the surface. This article will discuss security in administration modules and other internal modules of WEB projects.  The classic problem of a WEB-resource is the secure access to the admin panel of employees with privileged rights. It is solved by various methods. For example, a common solution is to place the admin panel in a separate module with placement on separate servers. You can bloat access certificates, VPN, 2F authorization, etc. etc...
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