Webpack 4 and the separation of the configuration file into modules

Hi Habr! Today I will tell you about Webpack 4 with the division of code into separate modules, as well as interesting solutions that will help you to quickly assemble the assembly on the webpack 4. In the end, I will provide my basic assembly on the webpack with the most necessary tools that you can later to expand. This assembly will help you understand this material, and also possibly help you write your implementation faster and solve possible problems faster.
The main ideology of this assembly is the correct separation of code inside the configuration file for ease of use, reading and ...
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Vulnerability in jQuery plugin actively exploited by hackers

3r3-31. Vulnerability in jQuery plugin actively exploited by hackers
Vulnerability in the popular plugin. jQuery File Upload active. operated attackers to introduce malicious files and seize control of servers. The plugin and more than 7800 forks are used in a huge number of projects, CRM systems, WordPress plugins, Drupal add-ons, Joomla components and many other applications.
discovered this vulnerability a few years ago:
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Local NPM repository in 5 minutes with its packages and caching

Good day!
Sooner or later, organizations have problems with the proliferation of js modules between projects, the time has come when this question has arisen in our company.
Copy and paste the code is the way to the dark side, so it was decided to write not just js code, but create from it npm packages to distribute between their projects.
The search for free, private npm repositories led to a dead end, and the use of private repositories on 3r3166. npm
requires a fee (and this is not our mentality).
Since the office has a server that always works (almost), it was decided to deploy ...
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3r3-31. Hello! 3r3115.  
Our course "jаvascript Developer" On the whole, it is dedicated to the front and the tools for it, but, as it turned out, not everyone has an idea of ​​what lies behind the phrase front-end design. We found some interesting material where the author is trying to explain what is behind this. 3r3115.  
Go. 3r3115.  
Frontend-design 3r3115.  
Somewhere between design - the world of people, pixels and polishing - and engineering - the world of logic, cycles and Linux - lies the frontend design. Frontend-design includes working with HTML, CSS, and presentation ...
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“Your library, like your child, can go in the direction unexpected for you”: an interview with the creator of MobX

 3r33347. 3r3-31. “Your library, like your child, can go in the direction unexpected for you”: an interview with the creator of MobX  3r33347.
 3r33347. What is the life of the creators of popular open source libraries? Of course, it's nice when the result of your work helps many people across the globe. But don't you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks that are not even your main job? How to deal with it? How boldly can you delegate authority?
 3r33347. 3r33333. Michelle Weststrate [/b] knows well all this: his library has 3r33333. MobX [/b] 3r33333. more than 1?000 stars on the githaba, the number of its contributors has long exceeded one hundred. And soon Michel will come to Russia to speak at HolyJS...
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TypeScript magic school: generics and

TypeScript magic school: generics andtype extensions. 3r33430. 3r3-31. The author of the article, the translation of which we are publishing today, says that TypeScript is simply amazing. When he first started using TS, he terribly liked the freedom that is inherent in this language. The more power a programmer puts into his work with TS-specific mechanisms, the more significant are the benefits he receives. Then he used type annotations only periodically. Sometimes he used the code auto-completion capabilities and compiler hints, but mostly relied only on his own vision of the problems he was solving. 3r3155.  3r33430. 3r3155.  3r33430. Over time...
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JavaScript timers: all you need to know

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Open lesson "Node.js features overview"

We want to share with you our new open webinar, which was held in the framework of the 3-3-38 course. “jаvascript Developer”
. At the webinar Alexander Korzhikov , the teacher and the creator of the course, told and demonstrated with examples the internal structure of the platform, its environment, embedded modules and basic concepts that are used in the development of applications.
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Pavel 2.0: Reptiloid Consultant on JS, node.js with Sockets and Telephony

Pavel 2.0: Reptiloid Consultant on JS, node.js with Sockets and TelephonySo our INTERCOM’18 has died down, with preference and business cases. As usual, the entrance to the conference was paid: anyone could buy tickets for the TimePad at full price, or get a discount from a reptilian consultant right on the site . Last year, it worked like a familiar callback: you leave the phone in a special form, Paul calls you in a minute and asks questions; the more correct answers, the higher the discount. This time we decided to change the mechanics, making it more difficult both technically and in terms of issues. Under the cut - Pavlik's guts 2.? with the current node ...
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The digest of fresh materials from the world of frontend for the last week №334 (October 7 - 1? 2018)

 3r3602. 3r3-31. We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r33586.  3r3602. 3r33586.  3r3602. 3r33578. The digest of fresh materials from the world of frontend for the last week №334 (October 7 - 1? 2018) Media 3r? 3591. | Web development 3r? 3591. |
CSS 3r? 3591. |
jаvascript 3r? 3591. | 3r3331. Browsers 3r? 3591. | 3r3335. Entertaining 3r? 3591. 3r33586.  3r3602.
3r33586.  3r3602. 3r33526. 3r? 3591. Media 3r33531. 3r33532. 3r33586.  3r3602. • ..
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