Multi-page SPA on Python

3r3-31. Bridge between Python and React 3r31036.  
An owl is a nano-framework that can be embedded into other frameworks. 3r31036.  
Picture from, which runs 3 http servers: 3r31036. - just Falcon - just Django - just Python (login: ? password: 1)
There are source codes and installation instructions. There is no advertising. 3r31036.  
Multi-page SPA on Python 3r31036.  
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Xiaomi wireless devices in the smart home ioBroker

Xiaomi wireless devices in the smart home ioBrokerGreetings to all home automation lovers. I decided to share the experience of using Xiaomi wireless devices with ZigBee interface. I, frankly, oppose the use of any wireless devices in any automation, from serious large-scale process control systems to small automation systems like fire alarm systems or smart homes, but Xiaomi solutions bribed with low cost, availability, excellent design and many positive reviews from users, I decided to try.
 3r33655. This post should be taken as step-by-step instructions for integrating ZigBee devices into the infrastructure of a smart home. Described ...
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WebGL-wind and GPU programming. Lecture on FrontTalks 2018

WebGL-wind and GPU programming. Lecture on FrontTalks 2018 3r33891. 3r3-31. To draw complex graphics on web pages, there is a Web Graphics Library, abbreviated WebGL. Interface developer Dmitry Vasilyev spoke about programming the GPU from the point of view of the layout designer, what WebGL is and how this technology solved the problem of visualizing large weather data. 3r33876.  3r33891. 3r33876.  3r33891.
3r3887. 3r3887. 3r3887. 3r33876.  3r33891. - I develop interfaces at the Ekaterinburg office of Yandex. I started in the group Sport. We were developing sports special projects, when there were the World Championships in hockey, football, the ...
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About the advantages of embedding CSS in JS

3r3365. This post is a detailed answer to the questions from this conversation on twitter . The original author, Sunil Pie, is the author of the relatively popular library. glamor and works as a developer on Facebook. 3r366.
How is jаvascript more convenient than CSS? How does writing CSS inside JS make it more supported?
I would be happy to talk on this topic. I’ll say right away that CSS-in-JS solutions have overhead, but usually this price is justified by the advantages they bring. Sometimes they can be useful, but it also does not mean that CSS-in-JS should be ...
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When TypeScript exceeds JavaScript in speed tests

3r3-31. I am writing this post in response to this where different performance tests are compared, including the same algorithms written in TypeScript and jаvascript. As is known to many, the first when released is translated into the second. TypeScript does not have native support in browsers, it does not have its own engine. Moreover, many of the buns of this language are discarded during transpiling to get pure JS, which can be run in all browsers (if you want, even in Explorer). Good. And now look at the picture. 3r388.  
When TypeScript exceeds JavaScript in speed tests ...
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Machine learning with Node.js using the Tensorflow.js

library. 3r3888. 3r3-31. Hello everyone, colleagues! 3r33875.  3r3888. 3r33875.  3r3888. Perhaps the fans of the library Tensorflow, already noticed in our preorder this book is , also looked at the possibilities of machine and deep learning in the browser, especially since the topic was did not ignore and himself Francois Chollet . We invite those interested in the cat section, where it is described how images are recognized using the Tensorflow.js library. 3r33875.  3r3888. 3r314. 3r3645. 3r33875.  3r3888. 3r33875.  3r3888. TensorFlow.js - A new version of the popular open source ...
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Frontend DevDay. Record of reports

Frontend DevDay. Record of reports with a full mitap. We talked about maps on WebGL, the transformation team and browser requests. According to the participants, it turned out festive and fascinating. 3r3114.  3r3124. 3r3114.  3r3124. Today we share the records of all three reports. Speakers in touch, if you have any questions - feel free to ask in the comments to the post. 3r3114.  3r3124. 3r3114.  3r3124. .NET 3r3117. ,
and testing . 3r3114.  3r3124. 3r3114.  3r3124. Perhaps ...
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The book "React in Action"

The book "React in Action" Hi, Habrozhiteli! The book "React in action" introduces front-end developers to the React framework and related tools. First you will get acquainted with the React library, then refresh the material on some fundamental ideas in this context and learn about working with components. In practice, you will master pure React (without transfiguration, without syntactic helpers), moving from the simplest static components to dynamic and interactive.
In the second half of the book, various ways of interacting with React are discussed. You will learn basic life-cycle methods, learn how to create data flow, forms...
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The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018)

 3r3618. 3r3-31. We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3601.  3r3618. 3r3-3593. The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №342 (December 3 - ? 2018) 3r3334. Media [/b] | 3r3334. Web development [/b] | 3r3334. CSS [/b] | 3r3334. jаvascript [/b] | 3r3334. Browsers [/b] | 3r3334. Entertaining [/b] 3r3601.  3r3618.
3r3601.  3r3618. 3r33557.
Media 3r36262. 3r33535. 3r3601.  3r3618. • Podcast "Frontend Weekend" ...
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Why do React elements have $$ typeof property?

Why do React elements have $$ typeof property?3r33333. You might think that you are writing jsx: 3r3304. 3r33232.  3r33333.

3r33232.  3r33333. 3r33333. But actually, you call the function:
3r33232.  3r33333.
React.createElement (
/* Type * /'marquee',
/* Props * /{bgcolor: '# ffa7c4'},
/* Children * /'hi' 3rr3311.)

3r33232.  3r33333. 3r33333. And this function returns the object to you. We call this object React element. He tells React what to do next. Your components return a tree of them. 3r3304.
3r33232.  3r33333.
type: 'marquee',
props: {
bgcolor: '# ffa7c4',
children: 'hi',
key: null,
ref: null,
$$ typeof: Symbol.for ...
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